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10 Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Plugins March 2018 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

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Voxeland is a next generation of a cubic-style terrain, but a bit more than that: it is a subdivided and adroitly smoothed cubical structure.

– Voxeland terrain could be modified and updated both in editor and in-game in realtime.
– Supports infinite terrains generated by MapMagic or built-in procedural generator.
– Height-blended triplanar 24-channel shader included.
– The tool comes with all the assets can be seen in video: land and grass textures, tree objects, shaders, scripts, simple skybox, controllers for camera and character.
– The asset comes with the full source code.

The main part of this pack is an actor component that can be dropped into a Blueprint and with just a few naming rules on other components, allow the player to control the actor and move it around like a hover craft or such. Be it an anti grav tank, an actual hovercraft, or a mage floating on a pig, you can make it playable with this controller. There are many options included, to help make sure that you can make the actor feel and control how you want it to as well. This is an easy out of the box controller pack to let you make whatever art assets you have quickly become something you can easily play with, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use.


  • Allows the player to move around the ground with the actor, using a variety of different options for control inputs as well as adjustments to how the actor will handle itself.
  • Automatically rotates to the surface bellow it, and levels out when in the air.
  • Hover Controller requires a camera and hover sources in the parent actor. A hover source is any component with the appropriate keyword in its name, these will control how the actor hovers over various surfaces.
  • Hovercraft art asset, includes textures and masks with materials allowing for a customizable look.

Instanced Static Mesh Editing Made Easy! Instance Tool is an editor mode plugin for Unreal Engine, it allows you to quickly select/edit/convert Instanced Static Meshes in editor viewports.

– One-click convertion between Static Mesh and Instanced Static Mesh

– Select/move/rotate/scale instaces directly in editor viewports

– Flexible select options (Marquee select, Select by axis, Lock/Unlock selection)

– Create instances quickly with Alt + Drag or standard duplicate hotkey

– Align instances by location/rotation or to grid

– Snap instances by axis

– Distribute/Line-Up instances

– Apply delta transform to instances panel with duplicate option

– Multi-edit supprt

– Hotkeys for Hide/Unhide transform widget and focus to selected instances

– Experimental Blueprint Instances Editing support

– Full undo support for all instances editing operations

This is a simple building system for your building needs, it is fully multiplayer compatible.

You can build houses, campfires, fences, traps, boats or whatever you want.


Building Placement with Collision detection for Landscape or other building components.
Rotation & Vertical offset placements
Building Deletion
Building ownership, toggle building lock to disable other players from interacting with your building (can be disabled all together)
DataTable for easy management of building data
Built for Multiplayer

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Plugins Included:

SimpleBuildingSystem.rar Engine 4 Marketplace Bundle 1 March 2018 L.html

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