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Realtime Landscaping Architect 2017 WINx86 Full Crack Download Clean

Realtime Landscaping Architect now supports a wide range of cutting edge high resolution displays, including 4k monitors and TVs.

The updated user interface automatically detects the display you are using, and dynamically scales tools, text, and icons based on your Windows DPI settings.

Realtime Landscaping Architect includes new and updated pavers and other materials from national brands Unilock and R.I. Lampus.

We redesigned the 3D graphics engine from the ground up, substantially improving the quality and realism of your walkthroughs and presentations.

Based on cutting edge DirectX 11 technology, new features include dynamic lighting and shadows, bloom, high dynamic range (HDR), tone mapping, automatic exposure, lens flare, and more.

New Terrain Sculpting Tool

Designing complex slopes and grades just got easier using the new Height Painter tool.

You can now “paint” terrain elevation changes using the mouse. Options include raise, lower, flatten, smooth, and more. The brush size and shape are fully customizable.

The Height Painter works seamlessly with the existing terrain tools, and can be isolated to small areas or cover the entire landscape.

New and Redesigned Landscaping Accessories

Over 1,600 landscaping accessories have been completely redesigned for improved quality, realism, and size accuracy. In addition, over 300 new accessories have been added.

Categories include arbors, trellises, patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, playground equipment, planters, pool accessories, and more.

Importing an existing design? No problem. The software will detect that and use your existing objects for compatibility.

Oculus Rift Support

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Oculus Rift is a headset for experiencing virtual 3D environments.

Words cannot describe the experience. When you put on the headset, you feel like you are there. It’s not uncommon to see people reaching out and trying to touch things in the virtual environment.

We spent over a year enhancing our graphics engine to support this exciting new technology, and are happy to announce support for the Oculus Rift at no extra charge.



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