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AutoModeller Pro v1.16 3Ds Max 2010-18 x64bit Full Easy Crack Download Clean

AutoModeller Pro is a brand new incredibly advanced, game-changing, multi-threaded plugin for 3ds Max (2010-2018) that allows you to apply or paint a group of meshes as “geometry-texture” onto your existing scene geometry. This is similar to displacement mapping, you can control tiling,positioning etc. using UV mapping , just as you would with a regular 2D texture. Depending on the setting the objects will automatically be sliced, soft-sliced, scaled or deformed at the borders and can also be deformed to smoothly wrap around the curvature of the target object.

AutoModeller Pro comes with very powerful painting capabilities that allow you to paint any geometry texture on any object in the scene without having to set up anything. Just select the geometry-texture and paint on any object in the scene. You can also combine multiple different geometry textures this way, using a powerful replacement-brush any previously painted objects will automatically be replaced when you paint over them.

AutoModeller Pro is cabable of automatically deforming and slicing high poly meshes at the borders of any target object, which is an incredibly powerful modelling tool. Also the software is capable of deforming high-poly meshes to fit onto any surface including curved surfaces such as cylinders in realtime.

Using the AutoModeller Pro Preview Mode you can build huge scenes, with this mode activated any results of objects you are not currently painting on are automatically hidden, this way you can build massive scenes (until you run out of RAM). The following video illustrates this functionality on a scene with 27 million unique polygons (no instances have been used here). AutoModeller Pro is capable of automatically deleting any previous objects prior to scene-saving and you can regenerate them with a single click once you reopen the scene, this saves both disk-space and improves loading times drastically.

To maximize performance AutoModeller Pro fully supports instances and it also comes with a multi-threaded Attach-Mode which allows you to quickly convert any generated mesh into a proxy object which you can then use to as a painting object to create an even bigger scene.


UPDATED 23 jan 2021

4 Replies to “AutoModeller Pro v1.16 3DS Max 2010-18 x64bit Easy Crack Download!”

  1. Cr

    I’ve been trying to install the 2016 version on my Win7 x64, it still asks me for registration, I’ve tried disabling firewall, antivirus software and running it as admin but it doesnt work. Can we have a separate keygen if it’s possible? All I have is keycode, I’d appreciate some help

  2. Pink

    Hi. I think the original one is OK because the the demo version works fine on 2017.2.
    So, let’s wait that to be cracked.

  3. tchurr

    get un error max cannot start again
    FPinterfaceDesc definition, illegal function


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