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PlantFactory Producer 2016 R4 Build 404063 Full Crack Easy Download CLEAN

PlantFactory is developed by e-on software and is available now from the e-on software online store.

Designer: Create Beautiful 3D Plants

Easily produce high-quality, photo-realistic 3D plants: hand-draw from scratch, assemble pre-made components or cust­omize existing models to fit your exact specifications.

Export as static 3D meshes for use in other applications, or load plants directly in VUE and Carbon Scatter.

Studio: Animated Plants for CG Professionals

Add wind & animation effects and control every detail of your plant designs using the advanced procedural modeling graph.

Export fully animated plant meshes to any 3D application or load plants directly in VUE, and Carbon Scatter.


Producer: The Solution for Production Studios

Author fully animated 3D plants in concert with your production workflow.

With expanded collaboration and compo­siting capabilities, advanced artistic control and dependable productivity, PlantFactory Producer is the perfect solution for demand­ing production studios.

Not sure which version is for you? Check the comparative chart below – you can start with Designer and move up to Studio or Producer later – we’ll only charge you the difference in cost, so you won’t lose anything.

Exporter: Export Plants to Any 3D Application

Get the exact plant species you need from the PlantFactory Nursery, generate vari­ations, adjust global settings, tweak published parameters and export them as static meshes for use in your other 3D applications.

Artist: Plants for VUE Artists

Designed for VUE 2015+ Esprit, Studio or Complete users, this special version of PlantFactory integrates seamlessly with your product and represents the prefect combination of functionality and pricing.


WEBSITE : please buy and support!
DOWNLOAD : PlantFactory Producer 2016 R4 PLE – Personal Learning Edition – P.L.E. ( Size: 651 MB )
DOWNLOAD : PlantFactory Producer 2016 R4 Build 404063 – Update + Activation ( Size: 139 MB )
Password: countryboy
Log in as Administrator, Right Click, and select run as Administrator.

PLE Setup : Remove [ PLE ] from all Install Folder Names selected, but don’t remove R4.

1. INSTALL: Plant Factory 2016 PLE R4 – Personal Learning Edition, and do not start.
2. START ACTIVATION: to Convert PLE to a Full Version … for Activation.
3. INSTALL: [ Plant Factory Producer 2016 R4 Build 404063 ] – Full Version Update
4. RESTART ACTIVATION: to Activate the – Full Version update

Skip steps 3, and 4 … if Update in same Folder as Activation Setup.
Failure to read, and follow instruction may cause problems ! Failure to remove PLE from Folder names during PLE Setup … may cause plugin problems.

LINKED WITH XSTREAM : Is enabled in Plantfactory R4, and shows Linked with Vue, but Xstream R4 crack by SAiNT, may not Link with Vue Products !
It may only link with purchased Vue products with valid keys, but all Vue cracks need to work with other cracked Vue Products.

An Xstream crack requires extra patches for all Linked Products to enable Linking, or shows Product not found.
Linking works in my R2 Cracks, because extra patches were applied for linking with Plant Factory 2016 R2, Carbon Scatter R2, and LumenRT R2.

LINKED WITH VUE PRODUCTS: May not work with 2015 versions of Vue programs, and R4 Versions may only work with other R4 Vue Products.

If Plantfactory is sucessfully Linked the following key files are created: PlantFactory Producer 2016 R4_vue.key, and Vue 14 xStream R4_tpf.key are created in the C:\ProgramData\e-onsoftware Folder

If Xstream is Linked the following key Files are created: e-on_application_vue.key is created in the C:\ProgramData\e-onsoftware Folder

PROBLEMS : Uninstall, RUN CLEAN TOOL, and Reinstall ! Select all Plugins on first install. Restarting PLE Setup to add plugins may cause problems.

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