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RealFlow 10 introduces the new DYVERSO multiphysics solver, a highly-optimized CPU and GPU particles solver where different types of materials are simulated within the same framework and are able to interact with each other. The HYBRIDO solver is also better in terms of speed and memory. There are hundreds of issues fixed, improving the overall stability of the software, new features for a better workflow, useful new daemons and more!

The DYVERSO solver architecture has been redesigned to get the most out of the modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs.


  • Bitmap Emitter Improvements.
  • Continuous Collision Detection.
  • Better support for 4K monitors.
  • Time Scale for Hybrido secondary emitters.
  • Homogenization of bounded options in Daemons.
  • Environment variables can be used in the preferences window.
  • License priority pick up.

The fluid simulation is setup in RealFlow using the Standard License.

RealFlow Nodes
To save time, different iterations of the same scene, or secondary Hybrido elements, can be sent to calculate on your farm.

3D Platform – FREE
Once complete, the simulation is exported (via free connectivity plugins) to the 3D platform.

RealWave is a powerful simulation toolset, ideal for simulating small to medium ocean surfaces quickly and effectively.

Dyverso is a multiphysics solver that can be used to simulate a wide range of different type of materials, liquid, granular, rigid, elastic, etc. All of them interacting with each other and using the most out of the modern GPUs.

Create and combine different materials like liquids, granular substances, or rigid and elastic bodies under a single simulation engine. RealFlow’s high-performance Dyverso technology is GPU-accelerated and gives you unmatched control over your simulations.

RealWave meshes can be influenced and deformed through objects, particles, and many – freely combinable – wave generators for highly-realistic ocean surfaces. Other features are the export of displacement maps, creation of crest splashes, support of custom geometry, and the simulation of floating bodies with downstream forces.

Easy steps to import your scene, add the fluids and render them out from RealFlow. Valid for still frames or animation sequences. Powered by the most advanced physically-based render engine: Maxwell Render™.



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