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Dragonframe 4.0.2 Full Easy Crack Win64 Download Clean Working!

Dragonframe Stop Motion Software from Dragonframe is image capture software for stop motion animation, motion design, and visual effects for Windows, Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals alike, Dragonframe relies on its stability, ease of use, and huge variety of camera compatibility. Not to mention, it’s advanced 3D capabilities, chroma key, and audio scrubbing. All your adjustments and edits are stored and applied on the fly, so that you’ll always be able to move directly into post-production with well-organized files. This enables you to execute as many post-processing adjustments as you’d like, without making permanent changes to the original. You can also animate with tools such as toggling, looping, and onion-skin or work with a configurable x-sheet with easy export options.

Animate Your Way

You may feel most comfortable animating with onionskin-blending your live view over the previously shot frame. Or you may choose to step up your game by stepping directly between live view and the captured frames. Turn on auto-toggle to toggle between live view and a capture frame, or loop playback to get the sense of movement you’re aiming for.

Lip-Sync System

Custom Face Sets: Many studios use replacement mouth sets to animate dialogue. You can create a Dragonframe face set by making a multi-layer Photoshop file. You can even specify shape sounds and hot-keys within the PSD file
Lip-Sync, Integrated: Perform full lip-sync for multiple characters with replacement mouth and eye sets, directly within the audio workspace

Export: Direct Access to Source RAW/JPG/TIFF Files: Your camera’s high-res source files are saved in an easily accessible directory. Export to QuickTime: Create a reference or self-contained movies with many export options. Image Sequence Export: Export your frames in different image formats, customize naming, etc. After Effects: Import image sequence directly from scene source location. Final Cut Pro: Create a reference QuickTime and import into your project.


Set camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO and white balance directly from the program. Check and adjust focus with Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Fujifilm cameras. Take test shots and get your shot right, before you start.


Compose for multiple formats with confidence. Create custom aspect ratio masks. Combine masks with TV-safe guides. Add grid overlays for help with composition. Add a push-in mask to allow post-production push-in or panning.


Check images at full-resolution. Check for over or underexposed areas with the clipping view. Load images from other scenes to compare exposure and composition. Compare image contrast with the Digital Densitometer.

links updated 20 jan 2021

latest version 4.2.2 click below

51 Replies to “Dragonframe 4.0.2 Full Easy Crack Win64 Download 2018 NEW”

  1. Ruben

    Not work ACTIVATION-Setup. Dragonframe 4.0.2 Activation – Error! Verion not found Install Dragonframe 4 correct version!

      1. Eloïse

        I have the same message “Error version not found install dragon frame 4 correct version” (And i already try many times !!!)

  2. Afrasayab khan

    could you reupload the links as the files have been removed
    thank you

  3. Nilan


    I don’t know why, but the ACTIVATION doesn’t work.

    Version not found
    Install Dragonframe 4 correct version!

  4. Zaid Sparrow Post author

    They have probably re-compiled the program, and the build is different. File size of Dragonframe.exe has to be exactly 31,802,432 Bytes, or you will get Version not found Message box. I dont have any link to the installer right now. wait for some time.

  5. Ilya

    Two links from the list are exactly working, but the crack does not work, put your downloaded version of DragonFrame, and everyone will be happy

      1. kabali

        still its showing same error as others can u upload the setup file somewhere and give the link

          1. KEN

            It doesn’t work. dragon frame exe that you linked is 30,3 mb.

      1. dasciuri

        Mi dice che la licenza non è valida …. posso essere perchè avevo già installato la versione 4.0.4? Comunque disinstallata prima con Revounistaller … ma comunque non funzione … rimane qualcosa nei registri ??? Grazie

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          è possibile che il registro di Windows contenga informazioni sulla licenza. Non so come risolverlo. prova a cercarlo su google

  6. Pongo

    The exactly 31,802,432 Bytes versions of the exe is needed, not the the link to download newest compiled versions.

  7. huli

    i have the same problem :(
    Version not found
    Install Dragonframe 4 correct version

  8. I want Dragonframe plx

    I have the same problem, must be the new file. Please solve this, I’ll donate some money if you do!

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i am not a greedy person boy. i dont have the crack any more so i cant share it. ask in group or in discord.

      1. I want Dragonframe plx

        Ok I understand. Ask in what group or discord, can you link please?

  9. tyobiwan

    can you make an activation for the 4.0.6 version please

  10. Bicho_noobº

    Puedes subir el archivo Dragonframe.exe que pese 31,802,432 Bytes pls

  11. RealFursa

    Hey ZaidSparrow

    The link is dead. It keeps getting deleted for DMCA complaits. . Can you pelase upload your 31,802,432 Byte Dragonframe.exe one last time?
    Ill create a torrent and ill post it here so you dont have to keep uploading this every week or so.

      1. RealFursa

        Hey dude, I run it and everything is works perfectly. Ill leave here the magnetlink below. Just select, copy, select “Add Torrent Link” on any client, paste and done


  12. Matias

    Hello! Is there something new about the link?
    Or some alternative?

  13. Paulina

    Hi! Can u please update the crack? i really need it for an animation. Thanks!


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