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Autodesk Flame, Assist & Flare 2018 Update 3 MAC/LINUX Crack Download Clean

Advanced 3D visual effects software

Flame software offers tools for fast, interactive 3D visual effects, finishing, compositing, advanced graphics, color grading, conform, editorial, and look development.

3D compositing (Action)
Combines the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects. Includes WYSIWYG preview for artists in session. (video: 2:25 min.)

Video: CNode-based compositing (Batch)
Node-based compositing (Batch)
Batch, a node-based procedural compositing environment, integrates with the timeline and desktop to combine 2D and 3D elements. (video: 3:32 min.)

Flare contains the Batch environment of Flame for additional compositing support in a multi-user environment. Includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying, and relighting. Flare is a fully compatible assistant to Flame, featuring the entire creative toolset in Batch. All Batch nodes found in Flame are fully supported in Flare. You can extend the capabilities of Flame by performing any Batch task on a Flare system. You can also offload time-consuming tasks such as rotoscoping and particle creation to Flare.

Because the focus of Flare is on the Batch toolset, there are some tasks performed by Flame Premium that cannot be performed by Flare. For example, Flare does not support video I/O or conforming. In addition, Flare supports archiving, but only to of from archives. You can use Flare in an independent system workflow or in a remote connection workflow. In a remote connection workflow, the same storage is used by both Flare and Flame so there is no duplication of media. Multiple Flare systems can connect to the same Flame system. Each can be used to work on the same project at the same time, speeding up the production pipeline workflow. You can even perform project management tasks of Flare folders without leaving the Flame station.

Timeline-based companion station on Mac and Linux. Use the timeline to oversee projects, create consistent looks, and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention. Key features include project creation, media management & wire, advanced conform, versioning, media I/O, archive & restore. Includes scene detection. Runs on Mac or Linux systems. Subscription license availability for dynamic workloads.

Downloads: only for MAC & LINUX

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Autodesk Flame 2018.3 Update


Autodesk Flare 2018.3 Update


Autodesk Flame Assist 2018.3 Update


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    Hi, Thanks for this. Do you have a patch for the Linux version of Flame? That would be greatly appreciated.


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