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UnFold3D VSRS 2017.0.7 WIN Full Crack Easy Download Clean

UnFold3D virtual space + real space crack

Unfold3D CAD variant is adapted to projects focused on manufactured products of the real word.

It is dedicated to product design such as packaging design or laser surface texturing. Unfold3D Real Space contains all the features of Unfold3D Virtual Spaces but creates and handles UV maps in unnormalized UV space, so that the flattened version of your model will respect its unflattened absolute dimensions all along your edition.


Since 2004, Unfold3D legacy has taken its place in major VFX studios, AAA games companies and animation studios all over the world thanks to its famous unfold feature and its intuitive UI.

Unfold3D Virtual Spaces takes back all this background and comes with major improvements.

Unfold3D did his reputation with its blasting fast Unfold feature. It generates UV maps without triangles flips and without overlaps, even for islands made by hundred of thousand polygons.

If symmetry is enabled, and if your model is symmetric, the generated seam network will also be.

We have divided users into two categories: INDIEs who earn less than 100 000€/y, and PROs that earn more than 100 000€/y.

INDIE price for Unfold3D Virtual Spaces is at 14.9€/m in Rent-To-Own. And 149.9€ for a Perpetual license with one year support. VS prices.

Modern licensing system now protects nodelocked and floating licenses without using any physical devices.

Each license can be locked to two different machine. Superhandy if you’re a student switching between school and home machines or if you’re a pro, switching between workstation and laptop.

Massive mesh pack (+80000 islands, +700k polygons), packed in less than 15 seconds. Island’s holes and concave areas are filled recursivelly by smaller islands so that all the UV space is efficiently used.

To improve Unfold3D’s integrations into studio’s pipeline, or your in house workflow, custom Lua scripts can remote control Unfold3D from any other application, or even from a simple text editor, thanks to the script file monitoring feature. It is then so easy to add to your favorite 3D app, custom press buttons to load and save (even launch Autoseams, Unfold,  Pack …) to exchange mesh data and automatize partly or fully your unwrapping jobs.

Downloads: link update 17/oct/2017

10/10/2017: version 2017.0.7
– PageUp PageDown change the texture tiling factor (with logarithmic increments)
– 50 is now the default texture tiling factor
-FBX format will be preselected if loaded file was FBX
– FIX: Texture map is displayed even on non float islands


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    Oh my gosh, this actually works and it isn’t a fake! Thank youuuuu! I can’t afford to pay a license, so this saved me.


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