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The Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06.23 Winx64/Mac Full Easy Crack Download Clean!

PFTrack | 3D Tracking Reinvented

Tracking professionals throughout the VFX industry regard PFTrack as the most innovative product of its kind. With unparalleled flexibility, functionality and precision, it is the go to matchmoving and layout software for a reason: It does what the competition can’t.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by real camera metrics.

Every VFX pipeline will benefit from data that only PFTrack can deliver, meaning creative possibilities are limitless, and accessible within a single working environment that inspires imagination.

PFTrack just got a whole lot deeper. Create and generate depth maps automatically from realworld camera metrics, save huge amounts of time with some of the industry’s most advanced rotoscoping tools, convert any 2D footage into 3D and benefit from the finest stereo pipeline commercially available. PFDepth is now completely integrated into the PFTrack Tree. Enjoy.

Enhanced UI for enhanced productivity

Store effects trees as presets and use them in other projects or share them with your colleagues. Nodes organised into logical groups. Store the most commonly used nodes in custom folders for quick retrieval. PFTrack just keeps getting better and better.

Automated multi-layer texture extraction

How do you improve the finest embedded photogrammetry tools in the industry? Simple. Add the ability to generate Normal, Displacement, Occlusion and Colour maps simply and quickly. Combined with our recently released Mesh Simplification Tools PFTrack 2017 now packs the ultimate asset building toolset for Games, VR, and VFX.

All PFDepth nodes are now fully integrated and available in PFTrack

  • Many more ways to create and manipulate depth maps:
    • Updated Z-Depth Solver node
    • Z-Depth Tracker, Merge, Edit, Filter, Composite and Cache nodes
    • Z-Depth Object node
    • Rotoscope-based depth editing
    • Ideal tool to prepare clips for z-based compositing
  • Extended stereo camera and image pipeline:
    • Build Stereo Camera node to automatically position the right-eye camera after tracking the left-eye
    • Stereo Disparity Solver, Disparity Adjust and Disparity-to-Depth conversion nodes
    • Fix common issues such as stereo keystone alignment and left/right-eye colour and focus mismatches
    • Render left and right-eye images from a single clip using Z-Depth data

Downloads: new links updated on 3 may 2021

for windows –


40 Replies to “Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06 Win/Mac Full Easy Crack Download”

  1. Danny

    I was trying to install this and i get a error during the installation, someone else or am i the only one?

      1. Danny

        Most probably, is a problem with my Windows installer it seems the only solution is to reinstall Windows Thanks anyway bro

      2. Danny

        Bro excuse me if i bother you,i reinstalled Windows,the PFTrack installation was good, now im facing an issue with license, Ok, I start PFTrack exe, write down my HostID in the license,txt then copy that to the program´s folder, but it shows an error about the license sever or no license found at all Please help

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          disable your Antivirus, disable the internet and then try again. if it still fails, theres still one thing you can do. use CCLeaner to completely and fully uninstall pftrack and then install it again and follow instructions

  2. Benny

    Hello, I’m on Mac. I don’t see the installer file or I’m wrong.
    I got 27 zip files and two info files
    Could you help please ?

  3. Abdullahi

    Hello I extracted the file but I only see more zip files
    (Amprin01) and no installation file, any help please?

  4. Vojta

    Crack doesn’t work for me. When trying to run the AMPED PFTrack.exe, I get:
    Cannot load library
    I’ve downloaded the mentioned .dll file and placed in windows/system32 but that changed nothing

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      what i know from your comment is, this issue is not crack related. thats some thing else.
      try this license problem fix
      afftre u edit the license.txt to ur systme hostid
      puted the editied license.txt in :
      c:\Program Files\The Pixel Farm\PFTrack 2017
      and one in ;
      c:\Program Files\The Pixel Farm\
      close reset

      1. waxy cat

        There is an .exe that is included with the crack and when you click it, it says cannot load library. I dont think we are supposed to click that, but run the program from c

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          1.copy license.txt to C:\Program Files\The Pixel Farm\
          2.copy pftrack.exe to C:\Program Files\The Pixel Farm\PFTrack 2017
 error pop up.
          4.copy the text from pfhostid on the left bottom corner of the error..something like this “80343feecf8c”
          6.change “hostid=80343feecf8c”(the one u just copy).
          if u can’t save overwrite,simply save it on ur desktop and replace it back.

  5. Bharath

    Could you please reupload the crack file? It says 404 error file not found.
    Thank you.

      1. Bharath

        Could you let me know by when you will be able to reupload it?

  6. Rex

    Hello. Please help. I follow the instruction and i still having error. I replace the exe file and name the host ID to the txt lic file and i have an error saying it crash. Please see picture. I need your help !

  7. waxy cat

    According to the instructions, there is no crack file, only a license that we replace. is that correct? It does not work for me. I am attempting to CCcleaner and try again.

  8. Afrasayab Khan Mahsud

    Hi IS the link dead as i cant find the file

    Thanks Alot


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