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YES! Crack Any ADOBE CC 2018 WIN/MAC App Easily! TUTORIAL!

Recently, Adobe has released all the latest versions of their all Apps i.e photoshop and after effects etc i’ve posted all of them here you can check Adobe Category page, I’ve even posted master collection of both Win and MAC. For those who are still having some problems in patchin or cracking adobe cc 2018, they can try this as this is tested on many different PCs and working perfectly Fine :) hope you will like it :D enjoy!

These are OLDER instructions, please USE NEW instructions given in red color:

How To Activate Adobe CC 2018 No Patching (Windows & OS X)

  • Install the programs you want (if you have already patched, just replace the dll/framework file with original).
  • Log out of creative cloud and quit the app.
  • Disconnect from internet.
  • Clean host file.
  • Windows – Delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\PCF
  • OS X – Delete the folder HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/PCF

For each program and using the x-force 2015 keygen (xf-adobecc2015.exe for OS X :

  1. Start a program (Windows run program as admin)… the manager will start up!
  2. Click Sign in Later
  3. Click License this Software
  4. Enter Serial Number
  5. Click Sign in Later
  6. Click Accept
  7. Program will launch, close the program after it fully opens.
  8. Open program again, the manager will start up
  9. Click the text link “Having trouble connecting to the internet?”
  10. Click Offline Activation
  11. Click Generate request code
  12. Click Activate

When done, re-block Adobe IP’s in your host file.

** If you don’t get the enter SN dialog, make sure to re-check for a PCF folder and delete it. This may happen if you install applications after the fact or by standalone installers.

Downloads: new link 12/18/2017



– Disconnect from Internet
– Run Setup. Copy the patch into install directory.
– Run the patch “”
– Select the program, choose the 2017 version of programs (They’ll work on 2018 as well)
– Select the file “Amtlib.dll” and click on Patch.
– That’s it.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS for 2018 12/jan/2018


And the rest of the files directly from Adobe!

1. Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud app, you can google the link or just use the one in the text file from they key gen.

2. If you don`t have an Adobe ID create one, it`s free, and install all the apps that you need! DO NOT RUN ANY OF THEM FROM HERE!

3. Rename the folder “PDApp” from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE” or you can simply delete it.

4. Install Adobe Application Manager 8.0 (again you can search for this or use the link provided in the key gen! Do not install anything newer than 8.0

5. Disable LAN

6. Run the file disable_activation.bat with Run as Administrator (if you don`t run it as administrator the file will not modify anything)

7. Open apps and activate them using the key gen. Do not run the Start Trial, you`ll have a Product Key, install it, press conect Later when asked for ID/ Internet connection
Press Having trouble connecting to internet (this will only appear if you followed the steps 3 and 4) use the generated code inside the Keygen to generate a Response.

If this step does not apear after you just introduced the serial number and the app opens automatically don`t worry, close the app and open it again, in few seconds you will be prompted to activate it.

use this x force 2015 keygen to patch. link update 5/jan/2018

Adobe Zii 3.0.4 CC 2018 Universal Patcher For Mac for win

Acrobat DC key gen:

Latest CCMaker app is 1.3.4 and is available at:!Ugl1TJqY!aZnzaEQ7–tjyJhYjQFmCBE0TUIoyBxIr3Su1ddfx80

older links oct 27

Windows Keygen:

OS X Keygen:

30 Replies to “Crack Any ADOBE CC 2018 WIN/MAC App Easily! TUTORIAL!”

  1. polopopo

    Hi, trying to crak after effect 2018, it says invalid request code even tho i tried with and without space by copy pasting the code..

      1. polopopo

        Yep, that’s the one i used. still don’t work :/ Are you sure it’s still compatible with cc2018 ?

          1. polopopo

            actually, i was installing premiere and after effect. the request code failed me on after effect (maybe because i clicked on generate and changed the serial…) but not on premiere. Now I got premiere and I tried to instal only after effect with another Adobe ID. And even though i follow your tutorial, it doesn’t trigger the offline activation, it doesn’t even launch. Also premiere work but it is shown in the new adobe ID… Do you think I need to reinstall everything ?

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            you have totally messed up. heres what you should do now, download CCleaner (available on my site) and use it to completely uninstall adobe programs, if you are using original adobe app, without crack then you wont be able to use cracked adobe unless you uninstall it and use it with crack. So, uninstall adobe programs, delete their remaining files and now you can install them again, but make sure to follow instructions properly, and dont follow any instruction that requires you to go online. use amtmenu, PainteR or x force keygen. but amttlib.dll crack works fine for after effects and premiere, dont know why its not working for you.

      2. polopopo

        It worked with premiere. maybe because there was not a “+” in the request code. or maybe it’s specific to after effect… i’ll retry later.

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author


          INSTRUCTIONS :-

          – Disconnect from Internet
          – Run Setup. Copy the patch into install directory.
          – Run the patch “”
          – Select the program, choose the 2017 version of programs (They’ll work on 2018 as well)
          – Select the file “Amtlib.dll” and click on Patch.
          – That’s it.

          1. madmetalcat

            thanks so much! was simple and worked great. antivirus warns u about trojans an stuff tho

  2. nimra

    adobe application manager is not on the link provided in the crack anymore, do you have a lvalid link

  3. marf

    after I disable the Lan and try to launch- CC will say needs repair- if i choose repair it will recreate the PDApp again so it will go in a cycle. Anything else I can do?

      1. Maci

        hi Zaid,

        sorry for confusion , everything works fine!

        Please tell if it’s gonna work with adobre premiere elements v16?

  4. Maci

    By the way, will it work for Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 v16?


  5. ZeTest

    I test Adobe suite (with Adobe Creative Cloud app download) on windows 10 x64 on December 2018 :
    All product will not use amtlib.dll at this time(exept adobe XD & adobe DC).
    So this old method is out now…
    Hope a new hero will make the crack job or will explain How to !
    Chears !


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