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Russian3Dscanner Wrap3 3.2.0 Linux x64 Full Easy Crack Download Clean!

Wrap changes the way you process 3D-scan data. When working with a large set of similar objects like human scans Wrap makes it possible to take an existing basemesh and non-rigidly fit it to each and every scan.

It also provides a set of very useful scan processing tools like decimation, mesh filtering, texture projection and many more. Thanks to node-graph architecture once you’ve processed a single scan you can apply the same recipe to an unlimited number of other scans.

Fast Character Creation

Wrap lets you convert a series of 3D-scans of actors to production ready characters sharing the same topology and texture coordinates

Blendshapes Generation

Given a series of 3D-scans of an actor’s facial expressions Wrap is used to generate a set of morph-targets for further animation


Wrapping a known topology around a full-body scan is a starting point to many autorigging tools

Virtual Try-On

Wrap is widely used by virtual fitting room vendors. Fitting a body model with known topology makes it easy to adjust its shape, take measurements and a perform cloth simulation.

  •  Node-graph architecture
  •  Faster and more robust wrapping algorithm
  •  Batch processing
  •  Project saving in JSON format
  •  Undo/Redo commands
  •  Three-axis/Trackball navigation
  •  Mesh decimation node
  •  Non-manifold repair node
  •  Remove spikes node
  •  Select small components node


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