By | September 9, 2018

InstantRig v1.2 for 3Ds Max 2014-2018 Full Easy Crack Download Clean!

Modular. Rig what you need. Choose the number of fingers, toes, add tails, hairs, ears, breasts.

Save your prototypes and don’t waste your time creating rigs from scratch everytime.

Export to game engines. Bake your animations down to deform bones, without controllers, constraints etc. Easily export your characters to game engines.

Fully scalable. You can resize your character any time.

Fully flexible. stretchy and curvy spine, legs, arms.

Soft IK. Protects knee and elbow from poping.

Auto spring for tails, hairs, ears, capes.

Match and slide between IK/FK.

Knees and elbows snapping.

Easy controller customizing.


Please, buy and support them dont just rely on cracks, they need money too.


Just install & enjoy:
– Drag&drop the MZP file into 3dsmax window or run it from the menu Maxscript -> Run Script
– Press “Install” button
– Find the “InstantRig” category in “Customize User Interface” dialog

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