By | September 9, 2018

Pixologic ZBrush 4R8 P1 – Full All in One Crack Download Clean!

ZBrush 4R8 P1 is now available for download.

This patch is highly recommended for all users and includes a number of changes for improved stability in ZBrush 4R


  • Floating License Clients have been released with Patch 1.
  • Added a “Modulate By Color” slider to NanoMesh.
  • Boolean preference was added to allow user control to delete the temporary Make Boolean Mesh files.
  • A Claytubes-Constant brush has been added. This will allow constant depth to the surface when a morph target is applied.
  • A Brush3D Template Project has been added with a polygroup outline. This will make preparing VDM’s easier.

IMM Viewer

  • Updated the IMM viewer to update instantly when inserting or deleting items.
  • IMM Viewer to turn off /on immediately as user changes the preferences settings.
  • IMM Viewer Preferences to save with any UI config.


  • Brushes that have been saved with older versions will have the “Adaptive Map Size” in the Brush>Alpha and Texture menu set to zero in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • ClayTubes brush will now have Fast Samples on by default in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • The new shift-to-Line stoke will be auto-disabled when using Smoothing brush.
  • Updated to turn off the new Shift Line when the Shift key is pressed before touching the surface.


  • Brush Edge action inserts by default a single edge loop instead of multiple loops.


  • Custom palettes may now be deleted and the UI will immediately reflect the change.
  • Button Size can now be set to max 120. This will allow for large text and buttons. Ideal for larger displays.
  • Custom palettes can now be deleted.
  • The font on Mac OS X should now be easier to read.


  • All visible SubTools are now sent to the target application.


  • 3D Print Hub will now export textures when a VRML is exported.
  • 3D Print Hub can send to Preform and will send all visible SubTools.
  • FBX Export now has merged UV’s.


  • Make Union Mesh is now support on OSX Mavericks 10.9
  • The Subtool-Track of Timeline will be disabled by default in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • The Inflate with Right Click on the Transpose Line has been removed (this will be replaced by future deformers).


With compact menu installing

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