By | September 9, 2018

SLiB VPR 2.21 for RedShift Maya 2015-2017 Full Easy Crack Download Clean!

VPR for Redshift is a tool to extend Maya’s native RenderView by improving interactivity especially when it comes to tasks like shading, lighting and look-dev process.

Features of SLiB VPR:

  • select objects directly in the RenderView
  • navigate in Renderview
  • global shader override for easy debugging (AmbOcc, Checker, Front/Back, UV)
  • isolate objects or even single shading nodes
  • RenderZoom function
  • isolate Lights
  • easy LightLinking
  • set focal point directly in Renderview
  • display AOVs in Renderview
  • easy record and playback of IPR preview animations
  • store snapshot images with camera and light position / angle for easy recovering
  • wipe function to compare images


  • exposure and gamma sliders added
  • vertical slider expandable range increased
  • resolution fields removed – they produced to much user confusion


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