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Rome Fantasy Pack 1 – 4.12-15 For Unreal Engine Full Crack Download Clean!

Rome: Fantasy Pack I is a complete, Triple-A environment pack set in Ancient Rome, focused on the middle to lower-class lifestyle in the grand city. Multi-floor dilapidated architecture, archways, brick and stone, iron and mud.

Part of the developing Rome: Fantasy Pack series, this pack focuses on illustrating the life of the middle to lower-class lifestyle in ancient Rome.

• Extensive Modularity; walls, doors, roofs, stairs.. Use the prefabricated architecture and facades to develop your vision, or construct a custom building piece-by-piece.
• Everything placed via blueprints with intelligent options! No need to dig through the content browser and mesh folder.
• Special Materials: wetness, stains, and even decal materials. All effects can be painted with vertex colors. Parallax Occlusion materials too.
• Opaque mesh decals with paintable opacity, stains, and even puddle depth.
• No Photo-sourced Textures: Rome is built using the cleanest, sharpest material data possible via custom Substance Designer and Substance Painter workflows. No more blurry, high contrast, photo-sourced images that are double compressed and sent through a destructive image process.
• Artifact-free Normal Mapped Objects: Enjoy beautiful props with clean, custom normal maps from high poly sculpts.
• Huge Library of Props: Roman pottery, bowls, barrels, blacksmith tools, and so much more.
• Area-weighted Normals: get the smoothest geometry and lighting by modified vertex normals.
• Sensible Geometry Detail: all objects are modeled with next-gen in mind, but with LODS and a sensible triangle count for desktop and console GPUs.
• Demo Scene: Of course!
• Unparalled Support: Got issues? Need some help? Shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Technical Details

• 55 PBR materials
• 170+ architectural pieces to create your own building from scratch via Blueprint
• Use just a few Blueprints to construct entire buildings
• Selection of beautifully unwrapped, normal-mapped props with soft edges.
• Area-weighted normals for scene geometry
• Variable triangle count between simple walls to elegant props.
• Paintable decals further increase the detail

Downloads: Updated 2/5/2021


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