By | September 10, 2018

Pro Wild West Pack 1.5 Script for Unity3D Full Easy Crack Download Clean!

If you need to bring life to your game, check out our matching characters pack Pro Western 8 Characters Pack I
and Pro Western 8 Characters Pack II

New in v1.5
Materials are now using Unity 5 standard PBR shader
Procedural skybox and lighting settings

New in v1.4
A modular wooden western fort
Bridge + collapsed bridge
Animated Gatling gun

New in v1.3
A new indoor scene: The gold mine
A wagon shop
A bank vault

updates are for Unity v5.3.2 and up

A complete set of great assets made by a professional video game artist with clean texture, mapping and modeling.

Best for top-down gameplay (western rts, shooter, rpg, tactical..)

Polycount suitable for consoles, pc games and mobile devices.

Some objets are animated
Most objects have bumped material with normal maps.

Sample scene included

Contains 98 prefabs and 12 terrain textures.

– Ammo crate
– Coin pouch
– Mexican buildings
– Fence
– Lantern
– Barrel
– Rock
– Bomb
– Bucket
– Cart
– Cactus
– Chest
– Chicken BBQ
– Saloon
– Train Station
– Coffin
– Corn
– Cooker
– Detonator
– TNT / Dynamite
– Farmstead / ranch
– Tree
– Wagon
– Windmill
– Well
– Gallows / Scaffold
– Barber Shop
and many more…


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