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Convert V4  is an entire suite of software tools designed for high-volume, high-fidelity media conversion. The user interfaces are designed for smooth and logical handling – even when dealing with thousands of source clips and multiple projects

While Convert V4 was built originally for converting video formats, it is also well-versed in audio conversions, image sequence conversions, video stabilization, archiving and file renaming – plus comes complete with Waveform, RGB Parade, Vectorscope and Histogram scopes for detailed analyses of on-location video

Also included are tools for anamorphic shooters, LOG color, cropping and re-scaling, apply 3d LUTs, audio conversions and re-sampling, pre-edit cutting tool, 5.1 surround sound, and stabilization tool

Now includes the new Clip Welder codec selection that will merge together all clips in the Media Pool into one video clip. Works great with the V4 Cutting Tool – or for joining clips together quickly for a demo reel

Works with most any format or resolution

Anamorphic Conversions

Anamorphic shooters can easily correct display aspect ratio while converting to most available codecs, rescale and adjust aspect ratio with select codecs, or elect to quick-wrap with aspect ratio correction only (using Wrap to MOV)

4K 4:4:4 DownScale

Scale down 4K and HD footage to half-size ProRes 4:4:4 or DNxHD 4:2:2 with the highest possible quality. V4 uses separate luma and chroma scaling to eliminate aliasing and artifacts associated with standard scaling algorithms. Apply a correction LUT or curve while downscaling, select the input luma range (for GH4 or Canon cameras), burn-in timecode, correct aspect ratio for anamorphic shots or crop to cinematic frame size.

Excellent conversions for Avid, DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro – OP Atom!
For Avid users Convert V4 provides automated conversions to native OP Atom formats. Each conversion will contain a video file with accompanying audio files for each channel of original audio. These can be ingested directly into Avid simply by refreshing the database once files are in the proper location.


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