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Apocalyptic World 1.1 3 PARTS For Unity3D Full Crack Download Clean Links!

Apocalyptic World is a five part asset that we have chosen to start with the Abandoned Carnival.
Abandoned Carnival is based on the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

This package contains 29 high quality models and three unique shaders.
All models are complete with high quality textures normals and specular maps.

We have separated the specular maps to their own texture for easy editing and a custom shader to use them without the need of having them within the textures alpha channel.

Modular garden walls / modular garden fences / gates / mail box / street lamps / power pole / power lines / satellite dish / tree / bush / pile of leaves / swimming pool / road tree bed.

Interior props

Work surfaces / fridge freezer / cooker / laptop / LCD TV / sofa / coffee table / side table / TV stand / bath / desk / book shelf / toilet / bed / chest of drawers / wardrobe.

Modular housing

The main house, two versions: one with interior and one without for performance / skylight / side extension / doors / garage.

This package is a fully modular package to create your own buildings with ease. Complete with high quality detailed textures with a low build size and great performance.

Create shop interiors for players to explore complete with a selection of abandoned shop props.

Create sink holes and cliffs with the high quality cliff model provided within this package.

With all exterior props baked into one texture and all interior prop baked into another texture you are able to create huge cities with as little as 40 draw-calls.

This asset has been tested and running at around 40 fps on the Galaxy S3.

Available now from the Apocalyptic World Series:
Abandoned Carnival
Rundown Suburbs
Abandoned City

Still to come from the Apocalyptic World Series:
Abandoned Shopping Districts
Rundown Docks


Part 1: Abandoned Carnival!V0MlEYaZ!nuc_MbDAmStmf_xrdVsebZ5Z4ngjdx1oSimQENaDCdE

Part 2: Rundown Suburbs!Ew1DQI7Y!_7JWDzbd1RkzBtGUCFNWdZAMqlpZMmjSubqKtJS-xSs

Part 3: Abandoned City!wt8Q2AqS!YTRRNQ8tSsbjd_pLbEQMRrQDXTw4lSGGm0EK8rgPZrw

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