By | September 10, 2018

Pixel Film Studios All Plugins Cracked FCPX MAC Free Download [HOT]

Create artistic or practical blur effects with ProBlur from Pixel Film Studios, the ultimate selective blur plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Use the blur areas to cover up unwanted logos or license plates or protect an eye witness’s identity. With over 40 blur presets, on-screen controls and customization options, ProBlur can help you create any selective blur effect in FCPX.

PROGLASS from Pixel Film Studios allows you to not only reveal your text in a whole new light, but also add a realistic glass overlay to your media in Final Cut Pro X. With on-screen controls and tons of customizable options, you can manipulate and stylize PROGLASS to get the perfect look for your next project.

From instant photo effects to hipster grades to washed vintage looks, you can create every photographic look you could ever want in Final Cut Pro X with Proto from Pixel Film Studios. This collection of over 50 Photo filters can be applied, adjusted, and customized directly in FCPX. PROTO includes selective focus and frame styles to help you complete your photographic look.

Want to give the illusion that epic or stunning light rays are poking through clouds or a stained glass window? With Prolumetric from Pixel Film Studios create beautiful volumetric lighting effects in Final Cut Pro X.

Create a contemporary and clean title sequence by racking focus between your image and your text in Final Cut Pro X with ProRack from Pixel Film Studios. Quickly and easily bring your image into focus as you text blurs away in the few clicks of a mouse. With ProRack you can add multiple text layers and rack focus between them in a few clicks of a mouse.

The epic conclusion to the first ProVega trilogy has arrived. Create realistic, epic anamorphic lens flares in Final Cut Pro X with ProVega: Volume 3 from Pixel Film Studios. Users can create complex and customizable anamorphic flares without ever leaving FCPX. ProVega: Volume 3 comes fully equipped with 30 new lens flare shapes and presets. Customize your flare with on-screen controls in the viewer window.


1. ProBlur:

2. ProGlass

3. Proto Vol 1

4. ProLumetric

5. ProRack

6. ProVega Vol 3

7. Transformation Tools

8. Transformation Tools 2

TransPanel: Kinetic
TransPic 1.1

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