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SpriteToParticles Unity3D Script Full Crack Download Clean Links

pdate 1.2.2
(+) Added Static Emission for UI
(+) Fixed Unity 5.5+ issues
(+) Fixed UI some shader compiling errors (A “reimport all” in the project might be needed to fix this)

Update 1.2
(+) Added support for UI
(+) Added 2 UI Demo Scenes
(+) Added a new non UI Demo Scene
(+) Added a few prefabs for faster development (to be used as blueprints)
Note: Sliced UI Images not supported at the moment.

SpriteToParticles is composed of 3 scripts that use a Sprite Component as a emitter for the Shuryken Particle System. It uses the sprite pixel position and/or color as emission source.

Examples of use would be:
– Effects for your sprite character or items.
– Enhancement of backgrounds.
– Bringing life to static images.

– Full source, fully commented
– 8 Demos with different examples of use
– Works on all platforms (read documentation to check performance)

Try it out:

– Read/Write options must be enabled in texture import settings (Texture Importer).
– Mobile doesn’t handle well much particles. Try keeping emission low.


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