By | September 10, 2018

Droid Girl 2.1 For Unity3D Full Crack Download Free!

Droid Girl is Animated female droid character (Mechanim ready!) 36 different textures and 19 animations included.

-Stand Idle
-Look Around
-Jump (non relative)
-Walk Cycle
-Walk Forward
-Run Cycle
-Run Forward
-Run with weapon
-Run Forward with weapon
-Combat Mode Idle
-Melee Attack 1
-Melee Attack 2
-Weapon Hold Idle
-Weapon Shot 1
-Weapon Shot 2
-Weapon Shot Cycle
-Get Damage 1
-Get Damage 2

Tris count: 2232 triangles

(All 2048×2048 RGBA)
21x RGB (color map)
8x Emisive Map
1x Normal Map
1x Displacement Map (DX11 Tessellation)
1x Cavity Map
1x Oclussion Map
3x Specular Map

Included 2 new custom shaders created with Shader Forge.

– Bumped specular emissive reflection shader
– Custom tesellation shader (Only PC PRO)


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