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Dialogue System For Unity3D Full Crack Download Clean Links!

Dialogue System for Unity makes it easy to add interactive dialogue and quests to your game. It’s a complete, robust solution including a visual node-based editor, dialogue UIs, cutscenes, quest logs, save/load, and more. The core is a lean, efficient conversation system. A large collection of included, optional add-ons make it quick and easy to drop conversations into your project and integrate them with other products. No scripting is required, and complete C# source is included.

• Visual, node-based dialogue editor
• Importers for Chat Mapper, articy:draft 1/2/3, Neverwinter Nights, and CSV

• Dynamic, branching conversation trees
• Barks and alerts
• Cutscenes (audio, animation, etc.)
• Quick Time Events (QTEs)
• Quest system
• NPC status & relationship system
• Easy language localization
• Save/load without scripting
• Optional Lua scripting and variable system
• Comprehensive documentation and tutorials

Runtime UIs:
• GUI-independent; works with all GUI systems, including Unity UI & NGUI
• Built-in support for Unity UI, NGUI, TextMesh Pro, legacy Unity GUI, & more
• Modular interfaces: swap in your own UI or cutscene system
• Several beautiful, fully-customizable UI skins
• Detailed sci-fi environment & animated model
• Works in 2D and 3D
• Works in VR (Oculus Rift, Vive, GVR, etc.)

• Components for drop-in integration into existing frameworks
• 2D Action RPG Starter Kit
• Action-RPG Starter Kit
• Adventure Creator
• ICode (AI for Mecanim)
• Animator Timeline Editor
• Behavior Designer
• Cinema Director
• Core GameKit
• Corgi Platformer Engine
• Deftly
• FaceFX
• GameFlow
• Game Logger
• HUD Waypoint
• Inventory Pro
• KGFMapSystem
• Love/Hate
• Makinom
• Master Audio
• NJG MiniMap
• NLua
• ORK Framework
• PlayMaker
• plyGame
• Realistic FPS Prefab
• RelationsInspector
• Rog
• Rogo LipSync
• RPG Kit 3.1
• RT-Voice
• SALSA with RandomEyes
• S-Inventory
• SLATE Cinematic Sequencer
• TextMesh Pro
• Opsive’s Third Person Controller
• Top-Down RPG Starter Kit
• UniStorm
• uSequencer

For Programmers:
• Includes complete, thoroughly documented & optimized C# source code
• Also includes precompiled DLLs for lightning-fast build times


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