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Pseudo Effect Maker 1.03 AEScripts for After Effects Full Crack Download CLEAN!

The Pseudo Effect Maker gives you a simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily develop, organize and apply custom effect controls. These controls can then be used to drive expressions and layers within your After Effects project and be saved as presets so that you can quickly reuse them, or so that others can use the tools you create.

What is a Pseudo Effect?

A pseudo effect is also known as a ‘custom expression control’. After Effects has several expression controls built in, however, they are all individually separated. This means that if you need to use multiple controls for your project, each one will have to be added separately, which can quickly get messy and unorganized.

A pseudo effect allows you to create a custom group of controls that can be named and organized however you want and make your expression controls easier to work with and look more like built in effects.

Now that I have my Pseudo Effect, how do I hide the built-in effects that I am controlling?

You can’t.

Any effects that you are using as part of your preset will always have to be present.

Pseudo effects are just simple controllers. They can be connected to other effects and properties through expressions and allow you to set custom limits and defaults, but they will not replace anything. Without the actual effects present, you control will not do anything, and at the moment, there is no way to hide effects in the effects panel.

Getting Started with the Pseudo Effect Maker

To get a general overview of how to use the Pseudo Effect Maker, check you the video below. You can also read the Help File to get all the details.

Downloads: link update 01/09/2017

1.03  (Current version)  –  Jun 6, 2017

> New Feature: Auto Save -> While editing your pseudo effect, the Pseudo Effect Maker will automatically save your control and will load it automatically upon reopening
> New Feature: Display Indexes -> You can now toggle index display on and off. The indexes can be useful when writing expressions for your pseudo effects
> New BETA Feature: Read Expression Controls (CC 2017 and newer only) -> Create your controls by reading and Expression Controls that are applied to a layer.
> Minor Feature: Control count is now shown in the menu.
> Bug Fix: Dragging and dropping controls should now be more controlled and consistent
> Bug Fix: ‘File Not Found’ error when applying a control should no longer appear
> Other minor bug fixes and text fixes!oAhBQIZb!cqPIHZttf7w78gi7JmDvRjSzHeFTZyp1gR52fWUWNak

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