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Armory 3D – Real-time rendering for Blender Full Crack Download CLEAN!

Real-time, in Blender

Armory goal is to bring real-time rendering to artists. Everything is fully integrated into Blender, turning it into a complete authoring tool for real-time content.

The result is a unified workflow from start to finish, making you work faster and more efficient. There is nothing forcing you to jump between different applications and constantly export data from one to another.

Behind the scenes Armory uses Kha, a key to unmatched performance and portability. Both Armory and Kha are open-source projects.

State of Art Renderer

Extreme effort has been put into the render system. Armory tries to closely mimick the output of Cycles, which is not an easy task to perform in real-time. To achieve this, serious rendering wizardry is employed. The default renderer is currently rasterized.

While there are still roads to go to improve rendering quality further, render system is fully customisable using nodes. This makes it fast to adapt new real-time rendering techniques, never falling a step behind the current arts.

  • Physically based
  • Cycles rendered probes
  • Voxel cone tracing
  • Raymarched reflections
  • Temporal anti-aliasing
  • Tessellated displacement
  • Volumetric Lighting
  • Compositor effects

Use Nodes

Armory is heavily oriented towards nodes. For materials, a subset of standard Cycles nodes is used. This means every scene created for Armory can be rendered as-is in Cycles. We plan to eventually support all Cycles nodes. Performance remains the priority.

  • Material nodes
  • Compositor nodes
  • Logic nodes
  • Render path nodes

Build Games

Everything is bundled to provide the ultimate game development tool. As a starting point, you can choose one of the available game prototype templates. Code editor with debugging support is integrated. For logic, use nodes or write code in Haxe, Python or JavaScript.

  • Rendering
  • Physics
  • Sound
  • Navigation
  • Scripting
  • Networking


A robust animation system is employed, with support for hardware accelerated skinning. On top of that, each node can be animated on timeline using keyframes, just like you are used to.

  • GPU/CPU dual-quaternion skinning
  • Instanced rendering of skinned meshes
  • Timeline based animation
  • Procedural animation



Add-on version is in the subfolder/armsdk (
The build version will add armory to user-preferences add-ons and save settings (does not add/install files, just modifies settings)
Running the play button will save/overwrite the current file (without warning)

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