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Kolor Autopano Giga 4.4.1 WINx64x86 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

Autopano’s interface has been designed to ease the work and make it pleasant. Dark gray predominates and highlights the colors of your images like never before. All the tools have common ergonomics.

The best image stitching technology in the world

Behind Autopano, advanced algorithms…

Behind Autopano’s simplicity and ease of use lurks a stitching engine based on advanced algorithms. The image stitching technology (SIFT) included in Autopano was developed as part of a research project at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). It has been mathematically proven to be the best technology in the world at recognizing similarities between images.

Prevents vignetting effect

The phenomenon happens sometimes with big panoramas, especially in blue sky or star filled sky. Autopano 4 includes a new color correction engine that prevents this vignetting effect. Thank to this new correction engine, your panorama is simply perfect straight from the box.

Reduces drastically the time needed to open the editor for huge panoramas

Any gigapixels creators here? You are going to love this new feature! The fast editor simply reduces drastically the time needed to open the editor, it’s not even comparable especially for huge panoramas, Gigapixels for instance. How much faster is it? Have a look at the video.

A brand new experience with the pixel-accurate feature

It’s becoming a real joy using the panorama editor of Autopano. All the tools can be applied in real-time at a pixel-accurate precision. Zoom in and check the minor details of your panorama. Add control points and see right away the stitching quality at 100%. Move the panorama, move the individual photos, make any adjustment… everything is straightforward and surprisingly quick.

Green to keep and red to discard

APG ONLY The Mask tool lets you choose, in the overlapping areas, what you want to keep or discard in your panorama. No need to paint over the entire person or object: just place one or two targets on it and Autopano Giga will recognize the whole shape. Get an instant result with the Preview mode.

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