By | September 10, 2018

KinematicLab F.A.S.T 3Ds Max 2013-2017 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

F.A.S.T, Inspired by what Pixar showed on Presto, this tool will really speed up your rigging workflow, but most of all your animation efficiency.

You don’t need anymore to create additional object to control your rigs, everything is triggered by predefined mesh zones and your mouse movements.

So the advantage here, is that it doesn’t slowdown your scene by adding more elements, and most of all, you can control your rig directly on the mesh, without any visual interference, painful Controller selection or separate UI.

So everything becomes very obvious and intuitive.

It seems very obvious that it will work well on facial rigs, but you can really control a lot of different types of rigs.




Just install & enjoy:
– Drag&drop the MZP file into 3dsmax window or run it from the menu Maxscript -> Run Script
– Press “Install” button
– Find the “kinematicLab” category in “Customize User Interface” dialog

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  1. sam

    Link is expired. Could you please update it.. ..really need this


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