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HDRI PACKS + Studio Rig 2.142 Greyscalegorilla Full Crack For Cinema 4D Download CLEAN!

HDRI Studio Rig is a lighting plugin from Greyscalegorilla that simplifies image based lighting in Cinema 4D*.Add perfect Global Illumination lighting and reflections to your scenes with ease with HDRI Studio Pack. Over 70 custom made HDRI studio images and custom HDR rigs were made to light your scenes, animations and products. These HDR Images were captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios so your renders look just like the pros.


  • Legit Cinema 4D Plugin – not a script or content browser add-on
  • Easy To Use HDRI Interface
  • “C4D Shadow catcher” included
  • Seamless floor controls for perfect backdrops
  • HDRI Browser for quickly changing your HDRI
  • Render Setting Presets for quick and easy rendering
  • Easy to use Slider interface
  • Change scene brightness and reflection brightness separately
  • Easily blur your HDRI for better GI effects
  • “Rotation preview” for aligning your HDRI to suit your needs
  • Works with all GSG HDRI Packs (sold separately)
  • Exclusive Fill Light for easily adding light everywhere
  • Built in color correction controls
  • Background options for perfect alphas and backgrounds
  • Background gradient controls
  • Studio quality floor reflection built in


  • “NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.
  • OVER 70 STUDIO QUALITY HDRIS INCLUDED captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios.
  • HDR STUDIO RIG – This is the heart of HDRI Studio Pack. This custom plugin helps you rotate, tweak and place your HDRIs perfectly for your render.
  • SEAMLESS FLOOR RIG – Render your objects on a seamless floor with great shadow detail and perfect background.
  • CUSTOM RENDER SETTINGS – Custom Render Settings for every type of render including flicker-free animations. Built so you can worry about making your render look great and not about perfecting settings.
  • VIDEO TRAINING – Comprehensive Video training for the pack including tutorials on how to use Global Illumination with the new Physical Renderer.

The HDRI Studio Rig features the Greyscalegorilla HDRI Browser, a workflow changing UI that makes choosing the right HDRI just a click away.

The HDRI Studio Rig has helped over 9,000 artists get that perfect studio render. This is just a small example of the amazing work being done by these talented artists.

have also included the following HDRI Packs:

1. Studio Basics
2. Pro Studios
3. Commercial Locations
4. European Holidays
5. Road Trip
6. Paradise
7. Spring 2015
8. Summer 2015
9. Fall 2015

Downloads: new links updated 31/05/2017




i have a problem the bowers is not working for me nits not showing in plugin tab in cinema 4d r17

You need to install in C4D Preferences Folder

Try this
1 – Open RUN = Press Win+R
2 – Type %appdata%\MAXON
3 – Locate the plugin folder and place the plugin

1 – Open C4D
2 – Press CTRL+E
3 – Click “Open Preferences Folder”
4 – Locate the plugin folder and place the plugin

11 Replies to “HDRI Packs + Studio Rig Greyscalegorilla Full Crack Download C4D!”

  1. Jack

    Appreciate this crack, not sure if it will work or not since my download been failing a lot. Is it possible to upload this in zip parts or on other file sharing sites? maybe torrents?
    A 9gb file isn’t small unfortunately. Turbobit been giving me ‘download limit reach’ and file-upload been failing a lot. Thanks!

  2. RingoOtoko

    “i have a problem the bowers is not working for me nits not showing in plugin tab in cinema 4d r17”

    The tag is not showing, any clue?

  3. Grandjean

    Is it really a safe crack? Because when I launch the .exe file My antivirus stops it, deletes the file and then tells me it can infect my computer… So I’m not sure to install it…


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