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Megascan Studio 0.922 Full Crack WIN/MAC Download CLEAN!

  • THE LARGEST SCAN RESOURCEThe megascans library is a comprehensive and ever expanding catalog of content at an unprecedented scale. Each asset is carefully prepared and scanned in great detail.
  • PBR CALIBRATEDSurfaces come with real-world Albedo, Normal, Displacement, Translucency, Cavity/Specular, Roughness/Gloss, Metalness and AO, all calibrated to the standard Disney Principled BRDF.
  • NEW SCANS EVERY WEEKThe Library is constantly growing, and new content is added every week. As we continue to diversify, the library will encompass all areas to meet your complete production needs.
  • INCLUDES MEGASCANS STUDIOCreate unique and incredibly detailed surfaces instantly with the Megascans Studio for Mac and PC, enabling you to easily mix any number of scans together.
  • UPTO 8K RESOLUTIONHigh fidelity 8K maps are available for maximum detail. If your application calls for a highly detailed environment or close-up hero shot, we’ve got you covered.
  • INCLUDES MEGASCANS BRIDGEEasily manage your downloaded scans with the Megascans Bridge for Mac and PC, a fully scriptable tool allowing you to export to any external application.
  • MAJOR RENDERERS SUPPORTEDWhether you are generating real time content, VR or cinematics and vfx, most major renderers are covered and integration is available via the Megascans bridge interface.
  • 100% ROYALTY FREEThe worlds largest collection of surface, vegetation and 3d scans. Buy once, use forever!
  • PREMIUM CUSTOMER SUPPORTWe are available to address any needs or questions you may have in regards to using our content to take your projects to the next level.
  • 100% CONSISTENT DATAThe library is consistent throughout, meaning all elements work seamlessly and smoothly together. You can spend more time scene building and less time tweaking data.
  • PRODUCTION PROVENAlready used in several major productions, including Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’, the megascans library is a production ready resource, ready to seamlessly plug into your workflow.
  • HIGH POLY SOURCE FILESAssets ship with high resolution .ztl Zbrush files in addition to the standard high resolution mesh. These source files enable the extraction of higher detail geometry for maximum versatility.


NOTE: 0.922  is only available for WINDOWS!!QoYHDZJA!dusnRVQZ7zY7TW_QL-1Z1w


Megascan Studio 0.914:

Install WIN:

Install MAC:

0.917 only available for MAC.
crack is below:


WIN Instruction:
Copy/past Assembly-CSharp.dll into the Megascans Studio\Megascans Studio_Data\Managed
by default is : “C:\Program Files\Quixel\Megascans Studio\Megascans Studio_Data\Managed”

Instruction MAC:
Copy/past Assembly-CSharp.dll into the Megascan Studio Right Click => Package content =>
Contents => Resources => Data => Managed

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  1. Flo

    Thanks for sharing !

    Do you have any asset library ? I can’t find any… :/

  2. NekoKen

    I’m doing some high quality stuff (building an old viking city). Is there any material included in this ? Cause it’s online program, its library is also online, how can it be cracked ?

  3. Aziziqbal

    Cant open the software, got notif “the game crached folder named 2018”.
    How to fix it bro ?


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