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Illustrate! v5.9 – 3DS Max 2015-2016 winx64 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

Illustrate! is the market-leading cel and illustration renderer. This latest version includes a completely new Flash rendering engine that provides many advanced rendering features including shading and support for intersecting objects.

Among the new enhancements in this version…


Designed for complete compatibility with 3ds Max 2015 and 2016 (64-bit)
What is Illustrate!?

Illustrate! is a non-photorealistic renderer.

It allows you to render your 3D scene in a variety of artistic styles. The most common is the cel or toon style where the objects are rendered with a single or limited number of colors and the edges are drawn with a line. This version of Illustrate! is particularly adept at this style of rendering. It includes a lot of advanced features for creating film resolution cel renderings.

Illustrate! also renders illustrations. Most commonly these are technical illustrations with hidden-lines eliminated. Illustrate! supports a huge variety of line styles so you can create complex illustrations.

One amazing feature of Illustrate! is its ability to render these styles out to vector artwork. It currently supports Shockwave Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Autocad DXF output. This allows you render your 3D scenes for displaying on the Internet or for inclusion with other vector graphics.

Below are some examples of the many rendering styles that Illustrate! supports…


Want to show your client a precise vector drawing of your scene? Illustrate! is designed to coexist with the MAX photorealistic renderer so that you can render an illustration or a normal MAX rendering from the same scene. Just select the vector output format(Shockwave Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Autocad DXF) and Illustrate! will produce the artwork including individual line colors, style, and weights.

For technical illustrations you can choose from a wide range of line styles including Center, Dashed, Phantom, Border, Divide, or create your own. Illustrate! includes the ability to draw the lines where two objects intersect or a single object self-intersects. Even Autocad is missing this much needed feature. In addition to lines of Surface Intersection, you can draw the following edge types: Folds, Creases, MAX Defined, Material Change, and the object’s precise Silhouette.

Cel and Toons

Illustrate! has been designed to produce high-quality film-resolution cel animations. Many companies are now using Illustrate! to create full feature length animated films.

Your models can be rendered with the advanced Cel Shader. It supports such unique features as reflections and refractions in the final toon shading. This is in addition to supporting ALL the 3DS MAX map and texture types. Additional effects such as combining 3D shading and light tinting are also available.

Illustrate! will render lines with variable weights. All lines are drawn with the best anti-aliasing quality and precision possible. You have total control over line weight, color and style for ANY edge in your model.

Lines and surfaces can be rendered in separate passes to separate files for compositing later or combined automatically in Illustrate!


Illustrate! may cause problems while previewing the materials in the material slots.
It’s a glitch from the plugin itself.

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