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Autodesk Structural Bridge Design Final 2017 Full Crack + Keygen Torrent Download

Structural Bridge Design software, perform integrated loading, analysis, and code checking of small- to medium-span bridges and deliver design reports faster. Rely on more accurate, consistent data.

Section and girder design

Define materials, beam, and girder components in an interactive graphical calculation environment.

Loading and analysis

Use an integrated workflow for loading, analysis, and code checking (AASHTO, EUROCODES, and more) throughout the project.

Deliverable reports

Automatically generate compliant reports that incorporate relevant design codes.

Section design

Structural Bridge Design software, formerly Sam Integrated Bridge Design software, enables you to create detailed designs faster. Define bridge components and easily incorporate them into the analytical model with productivity tools.

Use graphical tools for the definition of materials, section geometry, and components.

Save time with automatic calculations and analysis covering basic section properties and capacities, supporting reinforced and prestressed concrete sections for biaxial bending and axial loading, as well as other detailed checks such as torsion, shear, and crack width calculations.

Girder design

Elevate section design by looking at the full length of the girder. Using an interactive calculation environment to view results in graphical form, engineers can interact with the girder properties directly to achieve the desired end result. This eliminates guesswork regarding critical areas of their designs.

Graphical representation of analysis results

Better understand structural behavior with side-by-side graphical displays of data and results at all stages of analysis and design.

  • Design section stress graphics show positions of compressive and tension force centroids together with inner lever arm details, global axes, and transformed centroid.
  • Get interactive calculations and graphics for moments and shear forces.
  • Review pass/fail criteria for beams from graphical displays of actual and limiting load effects.
  • Use detailed hand-style design sheets created with full formulas and code referencing to review code check requirements.
  • Clarify reports and aid in the checking process with embedded screen graphics within the calculation sheet.

Bridge structure loading and analysis

The fully integrated workflow environment enables you to refine design options faster with automated change updates in a “define-analyze-code check” loop.

Get a variety of modeling options, from simple line beam analysis and more complex grillages to finite element analysis (FEA) incorporating composite beam and shell elements.

In addition to the more common linear analysis, advanced features improve workflow efficiency, including staged construction capability, influence surface generation, and automated traffic load optimization.


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