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X-Particles 3.5 for Cinema4D Full Crack Download Win/MAC Clean!

X-Particles is a full-featured particle and VFX system for CINEMA 4D. Using a unique system of Questions and Actions you get full control over your particle simulations without the need for Xpresso or Cinema 4D’s native particle system. Particles, fluids, and gaseous simulations all in one place.

Illumination based emissions, use Cinema 4D lights to trigger particle emissions from surfaces.

Use sound to drive your particles parameters, speed, color, size and much more. Sound has never been this compelling.

The FollowPath Modifier has direct access to the Mograph Cloner Object, giving you even greater control over particle paths. Control like never before!

New Trail Deformer helps breathe life into your Trails, use formulas or shaders to deform your Trails, add animation for full control over the Trail Object.

Our exciting new xpParticlesFalloff will open the door to endless possibilities, from random growth to unique colour changing effects. Let each particle become controller of your modifiers.

Enhanced Group Object, giving you more control over your particle groups. The group object can be used in 3 different modes, from display only to control over particle properties.

Map Modifier parameters from particle data, using splines for detailed control. Bring your simulations to life with our all New Data Mapping feature.


X-Particles is the most fully featured, advanced particle simulation and rendering environment for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Made for designers, our super fast particle engine enables you to work and render millions of particles and its advanced tool-set gives you full access to everything you need to create the shot you require.

X-Particles has quite simply revolutionized particle systems in Cinema 4D.


Controlling your particles is essential. With X-Particles you take total control over your particle simulations using a simple and unique system of Questions and Actions.

X-Particles 3.5 adds higher level control through Data Mapping, the ability to control particle modifiers directly from the particles using their age, speed, temperature etc.


Using the X-Particles dynamics system, particles can flow, collide and burn. X-Particles enables you to simulate a wide range of physical phenomena and have them all interact under one unified engine, all controlled using the same flexible and powerful system.


X-Particles enables you to render particles, splines, smoke and fire all within the Cinema 4D renderer. A range of shaders are also included for sprites, particle wet maps, skinning colour and even using sound to texture your objects.

X-Particles is also supported by popular render engines such as Arnold, Octane and VRAYforC4D.



39 Replies to “X-Particles 3.5 for Cinema4D Full Crack Win/Mac Download!”

  1. Supakong

    hey man, still no news from the 3.5 version ? The 2.5 is not available anywhere.. That’s really too bad because the surface modifier is only available from the 2.5 version.
    Do you think you will manage to do it ?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i am not the cracker. its all up to cracking team whether they crack it or not i have heard they are paying money to not crack their programs.

  2. The Dany

    Hello man. Do you know where I can get octane render? I could pay something for that

  3. Tarin

    Hey how’s the progress for the octane render crack? Have you got to any stage yet?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      why should i change the title when i have clearly said that this is “an advanced post” ? Crackers are currently working on cracking this and right now its not available any where to download with crack. dont get in someone words, this program is not available right now with crack. once its cracked i will post it here. Thank You :) cant you read this my friend :(

      1. Tarin

        Thanks for the reply! It’s misleading because said “only v 2.5 available” at the end. It won’t be misleading if you added “this is an advanced post”.

          1. Tarin

            You didn’t understand what I said… just because you know that it’s an advanced post doesn’t mean that other people don’t :?

          2. Gawthem

            Tarin is telling to add “This is an Advance Post” in the Title

          3. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            i cant because Google doesnt show Full title. many words will disappear form the title thats why I added it in Downloads section.

  4. jones534

    Do you know if there will be a cracked version of 3.5? It looks like they’ve paid enough money to keep the crackers away. Desperate to get 3.5, I can’t justify buying it, cost so much

      1. Joe

        If you don’t think we will ever have a cracked 3.5 then why is this on your site? Why not just link the 2.5 version haha

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          actually some people emailed me and said they downloaded virus form other site. so to save such people, i made an advance post and mentioned that its not available any where if someone says that its available then its clearly a VIRUS.

  5. julien

    Hi, Zaid, no news of Particles ? I really need it for my graduation project ! :) Thank you for the all this plugins by the way

  6. rakshith

    hey man y is it s tough to crack x particles 4.0 for c4d its already 8 months gone after its release y y i could not find a single cracked version on google and youtube added


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