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Wrapit, dafuq’s this?

Wrapit is a 3ds max tool for conforming meshes to other meshes. This lends itself to various scenarios such as retopologising high-res meshes like those created in Zbrush, Mudbox, 3d Scan data etc, and creating low poly proxies for situations where those are preferable, eg. collision detection, LODs etc.

Wrapit’s strength lies in allowing you to use the full set of 3ds max’s editable polygon tools, including the already great Graphite tools, whilst working on the surface of a target object. In that respect it’s it’s ease of use is second to none; you can use all your familiar 3ds max working methods, whilst Wrapit keeps things snapped to the surface of your high poly object. Wrapit uses 3 different projection modes to conform the meshes; The super fast ‘Closest Point’,’Vertex Normal’ and ‘Screen Space’, each catering for specific projection needs.

But of course Wrapit does bring some additional tools to the table for 3ds max:

QuadGen automatically creates quad based meshes from existing high poly objects, and can even project uv coordinates and materials from those meshes onto your new geometry.
Strip Painting allows freehand or controlled placement of polygon strips to flesh out topology.
Branch Painting is used to quickly retopologise areas of your target mesh which are essentially cylindrical, things like arms, legs, fingers, horns, tusks, trunks, tentacles etc.
Extend Edge is used to automatically extend open edges over the surface of your high poly target object.
Relax Over Surface works just like normal relax, but slides your mesh over the surface of the High Poly target mesh. Here we see a cylinder projected onto an arm; the initial projection is uneven due to the contrasting mesh volumes, but relaxing helps even things out.
Planar Loops Flattens out edge loops in either X,Y,Z or local axis, whilst sticking the the surface of the high poly object:
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