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Mettle is a 360/VR production studio and software developer. Our core advantage is that we are designers as well as developers. Our software is born from real workflow/production conditions that we test ourselves. They must be 100% reliable, efficient, speed up workflow, and make artists happy.

SkyBox VR Player

A free plugin that connects your Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to Adobe After Effects + Adobe Premiere Pro.


360/VR Production Tools for After Effects.

• Create 360 degree video in Ae.

• A script/plugin solution with 2 modules: SkyBox Creator + SkyBox Converter.

• Works with After Effect’s 3D space with most 3D plugins.

*including mettle ShapeShifter Ae, FreeForm, FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular and Form, Element 3D, Plexus, and Zaxwerks.


Design and animate 3D logos directly in After Effects. Create organic backgrounds, 3D morphing shapes, and much more. Lots of new features in Version 1.75!

FreeForm Pro

The easy way to do complex layer deformations in After Effects. Three main features: Mesh Warp, Displacement Mapping and Render Primitives.

SkyBox Studio

The most complete set of tools available for 360/VR Production in After Effects.

• Automatically sets up a 360 Master Comp and a linked 360 Output Comp to render from, so you can focus on content creation.

• A workflow solution of 2 scripts and 2 plugins that address different aspects of 360/VR production.

• Create content entirely within After Effects, or import stitched 360° footage to add text, logo and FX, do object removal or motion-tracking.

• Works within After Effect’s 3D space, with most Ae 3D plugins, including mettle ShapeShifter Ae, FreeForm, FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular and Form, Element 3D, Plexus and others.

SkyBox 360 FX

SkyBox 360 Post FX is a set of Seamless post effects for cinematic 360|VR Production in After Effects. They can be applied to stitched 360° footage with no distortion along the seams.


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