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FayTeq FayIN GOLD v2.4 for After Effects CC 2014-15 Win/Mac Full Crack CLEAN!

The long wished-for Gold feature is implemented: With fayIN Gold you can now export your camera and tracking data. This paves the way to easily integrate your 3D footage in your video!

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FayIN Gold Is Best for: 3D and motion graphics artists who are looking for the most precise and easiest tracking solution.

Features: With fayIN Gold, you have access to all fayIN functions and features – time-savings and workflow facilitations included. Plus: easily export your tracking data to create native 3D camera and 3D object layers. Additionally, benefit from staying in After Effects CC and using the 3D workflow you are already familiar with.

Full Integration in Adobe® After Effects®

fayIN is deeply integrated in the Adobe After Effects software environment. That means that you can use fayIN all in the software that you are already familiar with.

The resulting benefits:

  • no switching between different software environments
  • no import or export of data or video material necessary
  • use all features of Adobe After Effects and fayIN in one software environment
  • work in Adobe After Effects while tracking with fayIN
  • apply any Adobe After Effects effects on the elements you inserted with fayIN

Tracking Report

fayIN comes with an awesome little helper: the tracking report (A). The tracking report gives you information on the tracking results in respect of:

  • depth
  • orientation of x-axis and y-axis
  • orientation of z-axis

The report tells you whether these aspects are:

  • “o.k.” (everything went well)
  • “not relevant” (no need to care about this topic)
  • “please check” (advice to check the respective aspect, e. g. orientation of z-axis)

Open the report window to find more detailed information and hints to help you with optimizing your track (B). The report includes some information on the analysis of field of view, motion and distortion, too. This enables you to get the best out of your video material.

Generated 3D World

The fayIN plugin has a tracker that generates a 3D world in the background that facilitates insertion and repositioning of 2D elements. Thereof following benefits result:

  • applied objects are correctly integrated concerning the perspective
  • while moving an object on the axis x, y or z it adjusts its perspective automatically
  • the perspective stays correct even when repositioning and rotating the insert within the scene
  • use one single track to position and reposition your insert in the scene (no need to apply multiple tracks for different positions)
  • tracking a plain white wall without any tracking markers is possible

Out-of-Sight Tracking

You already know, that fayIN generates a 3D world in the background of your video. This 3D world enables another great feature: fayIN tracks objects even if they briefly leave camera sight. Because fayIN analyzes the whole selected video sequence, the tracker knows exactly where the object is located in the scene – even when it’s not visible anymore. That means, you don’t have to track again. When the object is visible again, it’s traced again! In this video you can see, that the plane stays where the object is.

Tools for Manual Adjustment

fayIN comes with some intuitive tools for manual adjustment for a perfect integration of your insert.

Base Plane

  1. Base Plane: Conveniently adjust the alignment of the content by moving and rotating the underlying plane.
  2. Translation Tool: Shift your insert along the xyz-axes.
  3. Rotation Tool: Rotate the Base Plane.

Virtual Plane

  1. Virtual Plane: Adjust the Virtual Plane by grabbing its individual intersection points. The Virtual Plane is especially helpful when tracking a rotational shot where no sufficient data from movement in xyz-space can be tracked.
  2. Define a new Virtual Plane: Completely redraw the Virtual Plane.
  3. Activate the Coordinate Axes: Set and move the center point of the Virtual Plane.
  4. Depth Movement Tool: Easily adjust the depth position of the Virtual Plane perspectivly correct.


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updated 2/3/2021

15 Replies to “FayTeq FayIN GOLD 2.4 After Effects CC 2014-15 Win/Mac Full Crack!”

  1. John

    Hello! PLEASE HELP !! I have a big problem … I have the latest version of after effects cc 2015.3 (13.8.1)
    I could install the plugin, but when I apply it in the video clip, and give start to the trackin, my after effects closes! I could never do go any version of fayIN with any version of after effects, I made a full format my computer, just running the plugin and nothing … I have processor AMD Phenom II X4 (840)
    16 GB of RAM. Please there any solution? or I can no longer try anything, by the requirements of my computer? From already thank you very much for sharing! Regards!!!

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Sup John :) calm down bro. as far as i know, 2015.3 is for MAC. you need to use an earlier version of after effects to use gold edition.

      1. John

        Hello Zaid! You say that I use an older version of after effects? eg 2015 cc? Please, you’d be kind enough to tell me exactly which version of after effects and fayin version should I download? Thanks bro!

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          After Effects 2015 V9.3 – After Effects CC 2015.3. fayIN is compatible with Adobe After Effects CC or higher. We provide installation packages for After Effects CC 2015 as well as the After Effects CC 2013/2014 versions.

          1. razor

            I have AE CC 2015.3 and installed but when I try to install this plugin it say me to install AE CC 2015 or 2015.3, I have the 2015.3 but cant install it, what’s wrong ?

      2. Liam

        Hey, I have the same problem and have tried gold edition with after effects 2014, but after clicking start, it closes, what is wrong? Thanks.

        1. John

          I hope we can resolve this problem friend,I probe by formatting the computer, all versions of after effects of 2014 to the last, and all fayIN from the first version to the last :/ at least my microporcesador AMD phernom II x4 (840) is not compatible, I find no other sense. Regards!

          1. Liam

            It’s weird how i saw this post just now, but when i checked days ago, there was nothing. I already have tried to delete all versions of AE and fayin, but it didn’t help. Zaid, what are the requirements for this program? Cause I have an old dual core amd cpu.

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            processor and gpu wont affect it as far as i know, bt after effects latest version wont work with these. they dont support latest versions. try using earlier version like after effects 2015.

  2. Alexandre

    Will you update the aex effect file for AE CC 2017? The 2015.3 version isn’t compatible with 2017…


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