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Cinema 4D Release 18 puts powerful new tools in the hands of motion graphics artists, and makes VFX workflows accessible to everyone. Game designers and visualization professionals enjoy new opportunities, while workflow, modeling, animation and shader enhancements help elevate every Cinema 4D artist to a new level.

Voronoi Fracturing

With the new Fracture Voronoi object you can tear down walls. Systematically shatter any object into procedural fragments using virtually anything to control the distribution of the shattered pieces. Create artistic procedural geometry using splines, polygon objects or particles. Fracture Voronoi is always live which means you can change elements at any time. As a native MoGraph object it works seamlessly with Dynamics and all the effectors and falloffs you love

New knife tools

Cinema 4D Release 18 truly is a cut above the rest, with all-new interactive knife tools. The new Line Cut tool lets you draw cuts across one or even multiple objects and tweak them on-the-fly with an interactive preview. You can then lock in new edges, remove parts or split objects based on the cuts you made. With the new Plane Cut tool you can create new edges using the Local, World or Camera axes, or draw a line to define the plane and adjust the position and rotation of the cut numerically or with a viewport manipulator. The Loop/Path Cut tool creates symmetrical loops or paths based on a proportional or absolute distance to the surrounding edges, and preserves curvature when creating new edges. All three new tools are available as separate commands so you can easily access the desired mode via shortcut or Commander.

Object Tracker

Integrate your Cinema 4D creations into real-world footage with Object Tracking, the next step in MAXON’s effort to make VFX workflows and tools accessible to everyone. Reconstruct the motion of the camera and any number of objects to transform a video file into a 3D world. Add 2D User Tracks for key features of the object and assign them to the Object Tracker – then reconstruct the object based on just the tracks or with the help of reference geometry. You can now seamlessly integrate any number of 3D objects into real-world footage with ease.

Shaders & surface effects

New shaders and shading options offer advanced rendering possibilities in Cinema 4D Release 18. With the Thin Film shader you can reproduce the iridescent rainbow effects of bubbles and oil slicks, or simply add fingerprints and oily residue to any surface. Inverse Ambient Occlusion can be used to create masks for worn edges or to imitate subsurface scattering for faster rendering results. The Shadow Catcher shader offers a convenient way to capture shadows and ambient occlusion from 3D objects so they can be easily composited over real-life footage.


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    I have not been able to download this. I am not sure if anyone has.
    Please, let me know how to download it if you’ve had a successful trip.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i’ve already said that this is not available to download :/ why are you trying to download something that hasnt released yet -_-

  2. Sam Sparro

    I downloaded and installed the software but for some reason when I open cinema it won’t open the .exe file closes itself.

  3. Stefan

    Broken Link (ExtraTorrent)! And can you add a new link, or send me the URL of a new post with Cinema 4D R18? Thanks

  4. kun

    need help.. got “entry point not found” error when I tried to install this. any idea what is the problem?

        1. kun

          I’ve cleaned, restart and no luck.. but I will to install again soon with changing my pc dated to 2026 (as seen on the installer) hope it will work.


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