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HB Modelling Bundle 2.1 Cinema 4D DC20151208 Full Crack Free Download CLEAN!

HB Modelling Bundle is a set of over 60 Scripts for Cinema 4D dedicated to 3D-Modelling.The scripts are designed to save you time and improve your workflow by using less clicks and less mouse movement.

  • HB_Move (Move tool with extra settings)
  • HB_ModellingCamera (creates a local work plane on the selected components and an orthogonal Camera)HB_ModelMode (makes some settings and toggles to model mode)
  • HB_LoopSelection (makes loop selections)
  • HB_Lineup (line up selected edges)
  • HB_LoopCut (Knife tool set up to make loop cuts)
  • HB_KnifePath (Knife tool setup to make path cuts)
  • HB_KnifeLine (Knife tool setup to make line cuts)
  • HB_Instancer (make instances selected objects while the last selected is referenced)
  • HB_GuidesColor (change the colour of all guide objects)
  • HB_GroupSymmetry (make current selected objects symmetrical in local or global space)
  • HB_Group (group each selected object under a null)
  • HB_FastViewport (speedup the viewport and restore old settings)
  • HB_EvenDistribution (evenly distribute points of selected edges)
  • HB_Divider (change subdivisions of any parametric object or reset settings)
  • HB_Delete (6 different modes to delete objects or components)
  • HB_DefaultCamera (use the default editor camera and adjust settings)
  • 7 Clone Scripts (clone polygons along an axis and align without gaps)
  • HB_CleanView (toggle viewport filters to see only relevant items)
  • HB_CenterCut (make loop cuts in the centre of edges)
  • 4 Brush scripts (for changing Brush settings)
  • 8 Snapping scripts (easier setup of snapping settings)
  • HB_Namer (easily rename objects in the Viewport)
  • HB_Paste (pastes objects at mouse position and aligns to surface normal)
  • HB_PathSelection (sets up the Path selection tool)
  • HB_PhongSelection ( sets up Phong break selection)
  • And A LOT MORE! cant paste all here.


  • Cinema 4D R15 or later. Note: HB_Solo requires R16 or later.
  • The following Scripts require MoGraph: HB_EvenDistribution, HB_Lineup, HB_RoundEdge, HB_SnapToSpline.
  • Runs on Mac or PC operating system.



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