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Greyscale Gorilla Transform v1.2 Cinema 4D Full Free Download Clean WIN! C4D R13-16!!


Transform makes complex animation simple in C4D without using keyframes. Use our built in presets or use or take control using our custom animation system. Make animating as easy as 1 2 3 with Transform.

Easy To Use

Choose from over 65 different preset animations for any object or group of objects in your scene. Or, customize your own movement and timing using our intuitive controls. Animate anything including Type, Polygons, Individual Objects, and Clones with our system. All non-destructive and procedurally.

Non Destructive Polygon Shatter

Use our “Chunk Mode” or “Poly Mode” for a fast and non-destructive way to shatter your object into pieces.

Easy Titles and Text Animation

Easily animate text by letters, lines, or words. Choose from one of our text presets or make your own custom type animation with our custom mode. Change the look and feel of any text, logo, or title animation just by moving sliders in Transform.

Animate Anything

Use Transform’s “Existing Parts” mode to animate any model. Transform automatically breaks apart your model into its individual pieces for full animation.

It’s Even Easier Than Mograph Effectors

Animate Mograph clones and text with ease with our custom presets, or take control of your clones and objects by using our custom mode. You can even add Mograph Effectors like Delay to Transform to give yourself full control over the animation you want.

What’s Included?

  • OVER 65 ANIMATION PRESETS to Choose From
  • POLYGON MODE Shatter your objects into animatable pieces
  • SUPERTEXT Take control of your text and textures
  • NON DESTRUCTIVE Explode and Animation System
  • WORKS WITH ANY OBJECT including Mograph and Motext
  • CUSTOM ANIMATION MODE for Specific Control
  • FULL TRAINING AND TUTORIALS to get the most out of Transform.
  • ONE YEAR Of Updates And Customer Support

More Than Presets

Need more control? Take it. Use the Custom Mode to create your own specific look and effect. Simple sliders, curves and time remapping combine to give you full control over your animation. All with no key framing or animation knowledge needed.

The Requirements

Transform requires Cinema 4D Version 13 and above. Works with Broadcast and Studio Edition Only. NOTE: Transform is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R16.


$199.00 per license


Downloads: UPDATED ON 27 MAY 2021

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    please reload please. transform. also do you have movietype for c4d?


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