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RichScene – how does it speed up my work ?

…. and what is the difference between RichScene and RichDirt ?

RichScene checks your scene and adds RichDirt to all materials, doing work that required a lot of mouse clicking before. Think of RichScene as a dirt manager. It is so convenient to have this work done by a plugin. It is much faster – done manually the same process did take hours for larger scenes, and could also (sometimes …) go wrong, e.g. texture assignments. RichScene is reliable and can undo as well.

RichScene adds multiple effects to the model, like a splashes effect and a streaks effect.

RichScene changes colors and weights of effects – on the full model.

RichScene undoes (remove) effects on a model in a second.

Filter glass and metals, to exclusivly add to walls.

Apply RichDirt to a selection of objects. Add a subtle effect to a white facade. Then select the red roofs to add another type.

Use multiple RichScene to add different dirt to buildings (a brick house, a seventies building, and the newest and best construction ).

Save your best ideas to a material library.

What is your main advantage ?

Because RichScene can work on a selection of objects you even do not have to find each material or texture. RichScene finds the matching materials for you and adds RichDirt.

More – it puts your original texture into the right slot, adds a color tint with a good mixing mode to a 3dsmax Composite node. You save the time to find the materials, to copy the textures, to build a composite node.

Work with an easy interface ! Forget the technical details ! Just choose colors, weights and styles. At the same time keep full flexibility for fine tuning.

How much do I gain ?

Imagine a beautiful scene with just 20 materials. Without RichScene you did need 1 to 10 minutes to add dirt to each material, while clicking fast and concentrated. This isn´t everbodys favourite task. On 20 materials you did need 20 min to 200 minutes for the full scene. Just imagine that – 200 minutes of clicking in a concentrated way – how could you ever think about doing that yourself ? Now RichScene does the same work in 10 seconds .

Imagine you make streaks longer to get a more intense effect, for the whole scene. This took you 3 minutes, on a small scene. RichScene does it in 10 seconds.

Imagine you add a green tint to splashes, and make streaks rusty brown. This took you 6 minutes. RichScene does it in … 10 seconds.

You massivly gain time for the first setup – and several minutes for every change like colors, weights, mix modes. Working with RichScene is so much faster that it pays off already for the first project.

The more materials you have the bigger the gains are ! On larger scenes with 100 materials you gain up to 10 hours on a single project. Drink a coffee, chat with friends or use the extra time to make your scene even better.


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