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Ghost Town 1.3 for 3DS Max 2012-14-15-16-17 Tested CLEAN Crack Download!

Ghost Town. you can use it to pretty easily Create streets, buildings and cities in 3dsMax. this plugin is for those people who want to save some time and headache. i’m giving it away with instructions so people can use it.


Drag&drop facades on building faces or randomly assign them to buildings in the Building node.


Create complex facades with the NodeEditor.

Parts of the facade can be saved as prefabs, for easy use in other projects. Materials can be saved in the materialLibrary, and assigned directly in the facade project.


Create simple spline-based roads that follows your terrain. Assign different road classes, create overpasses and lots.

All roads are editable between max sessions.


Create roads and bridges on terrains with the new RoadTool.


Create custom facades with the NodeEditor.


Extract and pack textures to a single bitmap for use on facades.


Save objects and materials to the GTLibrary.

Downloads: link update 04/sep/2017

It is not stable. Be ready for the bugs, especially in 3ds Max 2016+
It may not even start at the first attempt, try several times…these are programs bugs not from crack. 



buy from here :

Solutions :

If error on “Netframework”, we need update to NetframeWork 4.6.1:

follow the “Instructions.txt” and replace the kilad folder to:
“C:\Users\”USER”\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\”20 17 – 64bit”\enu\scripts\”

In step 6, first delete the “kilad” folder and paste new copy
Tested on LAPTOP.

Another Instructions:

1 .- Run 3ds max as administrator
2 .- Maxscript>Run Script
3 .- Select ghostTownElite.mzp
4 .- Select both checkboxes
5 .- Close 3ds max
6 .- Replace GTActivate.dll in C:\Users\”USER”\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2012 – 64bit\enu\scripts\kilad\ghostTownElite\bin
7 .- Start 3ds Max
8 .- Use the menu Ghost Town
9 .- use any User serial

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      1. laaastik

        I did all the instructions on how, faced with the same “no license found” version 3ds max 2017


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