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Red Giant Universe v2.0 CE (Cracked Edition) Win64 Full Crack Torrent + Links Download!!

The Universe 2.0 update includes 4 new tools and 29 updated effects and transitions. More than 20 of the tools include  a brand new user experience that makes it easy to preview and apply effects, while many effects have received new features.

With a focus on Motion Graphics, some of the new tools and updates include:

  • HUD Components: Instantly create Heads-Up Display elements for use in motion graphics; this tool is packed with tons of presets, element shapes and behaviors for creating a variety of HUD effects.
  • Line: Easily generate a line between two points to simulate flight paths, travel indicators on a map, and a variety of additional motion graphics; draw it as a curving bezier path or a straight line, change the color and style of the line, as well as the start and end points and how they animate over time.
  • Logo Motion: Instantly make logos and text more interesting and dynamic by animating imagery on and off the screen with a hinge style swing, slide on, or a slightly eased in and out “pop.”
  • Color Stripe: Create a transition that uses layered blocks of color wiping across the screen to reveal a second layer.

Universe 2.0 includes over 60 tools that run in:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Apple Motion
  • Sony Vegas
  • Hitfilm
  • Davinci Resolve

Worth noting is that, with this update, Universe is now Adobe CC2015.3 compatible.


We have also updated the user experience on 22 of our tools, with a new visual preset browser. Now, in Universe 2.0, you can see an animated preview of the effect and apply it by clicking on the image of the preset you want to use.


Along with the new user experience, 18 Red Giant Universe tools have been updated with additional new features, including:

  • Holomatrix II, which now includes new distortion effects based on holographic imagery from films like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.”
  • Camera Shake, which has been redesigned and enhanced to make it simple to quickly achieve a variety of realistic camera shakes with little to no effort – great for enhancing action sequences, and for simulating various camera setups and scenarios – such as filming with a car mount, on a boat, and even in an earthquake.
  • Unmult, which now offers additional controls to help users precisely remove black backgrounds from footage and create an alpha channel, a useful tool for compositing footage of fire, smoke, water and more.

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it



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      1. haibara

        hello i sent to requests ignore them, but server not found is what im facing, who do i break through

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          will update it in some hours dont worry i have requested more links! *UPDATE* Torrent is still working so download from torrents.

          1. venkat

            Hi bro,

            Can I have Red giant complete suite for windows please?

            If it is there can u share the link ?

            Thanks in advance

      1. Blah

        It’s currently saying that the trial is expired but the plugin itself still works, is this normal or have I messed something up?

  1. Licínio

    Hi there, the link’s still down. Will you update?


    Great job here!

  2. jfor

    it’ doesn’t work neither premiere, AE

    after one click install, destiny folder
    c:\programfiles\red giant\rgfx …
    has not contained files kind of *.aex, or premiere fx files.. only *.lfp files, *.jpg exists. would you help me?? plz

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      you are not installing it properly. the error has something to do with installation directory. me and my friends all are using it and it works fine.


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