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FX Particle Builder + Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets for After Effects

FX Particle Builder We created this tools for essential needs of motion designers and VFX professionals. It’s a particle generator and you create fire, dust, magic, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particles in fastest and easiest way. You can give life to your still images with brush tool and create different broadcast packages, title sequences, logo reveals or photo slideshows. Works on pictures, texts, video and etc. Also authors can create templates with these different particles.

Package includes :

FX Particle Builder Script
Quick Guide PDF
Helpful video tutorials

Features :

5 Particle categories :

  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Sparkle
  • Other (includes Glass, Magic, Environment Particles)

3 Apply mode :

  • Brush : brush desired area then apply particle
  • Alpha : Apply particles to alpha+RGB layers
  • Point Emitter : Animate particles through a motion path


NEW LINK 15/sep/2017 with instructions

FX Particle Builder 1.0.0!Y00iEBaZ!Tqo5BDTHCB3YYEM9Fg44PhvoBlww6_wOxyQ8bAe7UWE

Need trapcode, no lisence


1Gb link with script cracked

below link doesnt require any serial number only 7.5MB in size too.!Y00iEBaZ!Tqo5BDTHCB3YYEM9Fg44PhvoBlww6_wOxyQ8bAe7UWE

here’s a brush mode tut


20 Replies to “FX Particle Builder+Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets FULL!”

  1. satos

    fx particle scripts1.0 version not compatible partical last version
    cause all error

  2. Stefan

    Hey! When I start the script, it asks my for a code, but I don’t got a code

  3. selcuk

    Hey man! thanks but your serial number link is dead. pls help.
    i need activation

  4. shaanpati

    Hi Zaid , I wanted to ask you what is the difference between the 1GB file from openload and the 15 mb file from zippyshare.
    and also if you could tell me where can i find other parts of motion factory like text builder like this particle builder

  5. kri

    oppss we found something unexpected. if problem persist please contact the customer care. This is error in FX Particle Builder v2.0

  6. med

    hey man
    your serial number link in zippyshare doesn’t work and i can’t download it
    pleas upload serial number’s file in openload or somthing else


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