Pastiche v1.0 AEScripts After Effects Win/MAC Full Cracked

By | May 2, 2016

Pastiche v1.0 AEScripts for After Effects Full Cracked CLEAN Direct Download! WIN/MAC


An After Effects plug-in to produce creative layer collages.

“A pastiche is an artwork that copies the style of another work or that combines various, distinct styles together into one work.”

PASTICHE needs two things to do its magic:
A source layer to define the shape of the collage
and a bunch of layers to be placed inside that shape.

You can choose among various options to customize
the look of the collage.
Possibilities are endless!

PASTICHE provides intuitive controllers to fine tune the position,
scale, rotation and opacity of the collage layers.

If the source layer changes over time,
PASTICHE is able to animate the layers
so they morph from one collage to another.
Again, many animation parameters are available

Main Features:

Fast and robust
Handles hundreds of layers with ease

Intuitive parameters


Only manipulates Transform of comp layers
Everything produced by Pastiche can be modified by hand a posteriori

Animation mode
Create neverseen before animation

Trial version of Pastiche is limited to 25 layers. Full version has no limitation. IT’S CRACKED I’M POSTING IT HERE F YEAH! XD




1.right-click Pastiche_trial and select Open Package,open Contents,MacOS
right-click again on Pastiche_trial and choose Move to Trash
drag the patched Pastiche_trial from the 7z file into the MacOS folder

19 thoughts on “Pastiche v1.0 AEScripts After Effects Win/MAC Full Cracked

  1. AlexisADB

    Hi! I think there’s an issue with Mac version link :(

  2. enav

    thank you
    I download the win link
    but how do I open it?
    what is AEX file?

  3. chen

    thank you ! i download the link for MAC but can not open, why? how to fix ?


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