By | September 10, 2018

Mettle Plugins Bundle 25.10.2016 Win x64 Full CRACL Direct Download CLEAN!

A great value and workflow solution. Retail:

Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools brings 360 capabilities into Premiere Pro. Works with SkyBox VR Player (WIN) to speed up workflow for 360 content creators.

Mettle 360/VR + 3D plugins/project files for After Effects are designed to work together. SkyBox Studio works with SkyBox 360 Post FX, SkyBox VR Player for 360 content creation. FreeForm Pro, ShapeShifter, Terra Packs and Aqua Pack are compatible with SkyBox Studio, and are seamlessly integrated into the After Effects UI, so you can work creatively and intuitively.

Mettle Plugins Bundle 25.03.2016 (x64) Design and animate 3D logos directly in After Effects. Create organic backgrounds, 3D morphing shapes, and much more. Lots of new features in Version 1.75!

Mettle Logo Animation

Made with New features for Version 1.75: Spherical Displacement,  Xray render Mode and SkyDome feature we introduce into the Environment section. We used Mettle’s SkyBox with Trapcode Particular to generate the outer space background

Model a 3D Aquaman Logo In After Effects

Use your 2D skills and knowledge to quickly create a 3D logo in Ae, with a level of complexity that would be much more time-consuming in a 3D app.


  • FreeForm v2.12
  • FreeForm Pro v1.82
  • ShapeShifter v1.82
  • SkyBox Creator v2.31
  • SkyBox Converter v2.36
  • SkyBox Extractor v1.31
  • SkyBox Viewer v1.36
  • SkyBox 360 Post FX v1.62
  • SkyBox 360/VR Transitions v1.02


(password VR4ALL)

74 Replies to “Mettle Plugins Bundle 25.10.2016 x64 Full CRACK”

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Ok I’ll look for it. next time use request form or i wont even bother looking at your comment. I’ll delete it :)

  1. estik

    Hi Zaid there is any chance to have this one for Mac?? Thanks

  2. zizo

    Hi Zaid, first thank you so much for your great effort, i sent i request please but without any reply,
    this version is not compatible with the updated AE 2015.3. can you have a look on it please?
    sorry to post a request here.

  3. juan

    hola, lo descargue pero las las instrucciones no me dan, qué puedo hacer?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      buscar allí . las instrucciones están allí y si no están allí , intentan hacerlo por su propia cuenta. primera instalarlo a continuación, utilizando parche parche / galleta .

  4. Alex

    Hey bud, Thanks for the files! I’m running a 6x camera setup and hoping to get further into 360 videos, but I’m hitting a massive paywall when it comes to putting video together. The camera equipment alone is enough, but when companies are asking for $1000+ for essentially 1’s & 0’s to be able to watch my footage, its taking the p!ss!
    Any advice on software (and hints on where to find it), thanks again mate!

    If only Adobe put their prices to a reasonable point your services wouldn’t be needed!

      1. Alex

        Awesome, nice one bud :D
        Any chance you can point me in the direction of a Mettle Skybox Studio for Mac? I’m struggling to find one on my own. I’m just using a copy of Adobe After Effects (supplied by you! :D) on its own for post editing. I managed to find a working copy of Autopano Video Pro 1.7 for Mac and have had some excellent attempts with it so far, Keeping my eye out for a 2.0+ version too lol. Practice will make perfect!

          1. Alex

            Gutted, Oh well, Thanks for the amazing help and programs you’ve given anyway bud. I’ve found a legit way of getting Mettle 360 plugins for $99 UD, so hopefully that will do for now. Thanks again buddy!

          2. Jeremy Cohan

            Alex, how did you do this? trying to get for premiere MAC as well and would be willing to pay if it were a reasonable amount, not 800$

  5. juan

    Hola, cómo vas? no entendi tu respuesta “buscar alli. Las INSTRUCCIONES estan alli y si no estan alli, intentan Hacerlo Por Su Propia Cuenta. Primera instalarlo un Continuación, utilizando parche parche / galleta.”, en las intrucciones solo me muestra lo que contiene el archivo, los diferentes pluggins, pero nada más, y cuando lo abro me pide una licencia key, que puedo hacer?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      No sé por qué la gente está teniendo problemas tanto . Voy a pedir a mi amigo pero llevará algún tiempo .

  6. Mayjackass

    Hi thanks for this. Do you have any other download link besides the one you provided. I can’t seem to download it. Thanks!

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i will look today. i dont have any laptop mouse right now :/ i cant work my eyes are hurting i can list 100 personal problems here :D i will try for new links.

  7. Hasbro


    Have you asked your friend already?
    I only want to know whether the installation should be on Drive C (the default path)?

    Or this cracked plugin really doesn’t work actually?


  8. turbokid

    getting error while running creator n extractor script… “Unable to execute at line 380 invalid image data”

  9. jon

    It´s not supported with AE cc 2017… but does will it works with AE cc 2014¿ Or only for cs6…?

  10. Simon

    Hey, I’m using AE 2015 but everytime I try and use freeform pro it has an error and AE crashes.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      no one is this problem, its only you :? join our group and ask there. btw, do a reinstall and maybe it will fix the problem.

      1. Simon

        Maybe it is just me, ive tried uninstalling and re-installing. not sure why, everything else ive grabbed from here has worked, maybe this one hates me. haha.

        Thanks for replying tho!

  11. gustavo from Chile

    you are some kind of omnipotent god of the venus project “zeigeist 2 reference”
    really thankfull for this

  12. carlos

    Hi, i’ve tried uncopressing the files with winrar, winzip, 7zip and even an online service B1 but all programs give me an error and says the file is corrupt… i’ve downloaded it a few times from all the suppilied links but still no luck… could you please provide new links or repackage the files? thanks so much!

  13. Shiumo

    Thanks very much for the plugin.
    Any chance to have the “SkyBox 360/VR Tools” too? It’s rather useful for editing 360 videos. I tried to find everywhere but no luck :(

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Harry

        Hey man I really need a hand getting this thing to work. I tried downloading and got to RAR file so i downloaded something to unpack it. It wont let me unpack normally only turn into a zip file then i go into the zip file and there is no instructions. Totally stuck here but would really love some help!

  14. RatKing

    Awesome man, HUGE thanks to you! Are you able to get their new version of Skybox Studio (v2)?

  15. Sol

    Thanks for such a great download, but unfortunately the password (VR4ALL)did not work.

    Kindly help

  16. Bella

    Zaid! Keep searching for a mac version plleeeeeeease!! You’re the best

      1. Miatt

        I have downloaded this file, 23,7mb. and when I tried to extract this RAR file error notification appears. It says unknown format or invalid file. Any solution?

  17. Panda

    Hey thanks for the upload, I just wanted to know something. I installed my after effect in another file location (D drive not C), will this still apply to where I put it?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i think so, give it a try if it works then its fine but if it doesnt work then simply change the path.

      1. Panda

        nope didn’t work, had to reinstall my after effect with the original save point. So far I have no problems with the plug ins after this. Thanks again man.

  18. Spoooomn

    Hi Zaid, thanks for the upload, I’m getting a problem with the password, when I try to extract I get a message that says the password is Incorrect, just download the Torrent file and all the other ones, in every file I got this error with the password, can you help me?


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