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CodeVonc Depliage V1.3 Cinema4D Plugin Full Crack WIN/MAC CLEAN!

Deformat Unfolding creates a progressive deployment of each polygon effect.

V 1.3:
– Fixed problem of activation.
v 1.2:
– Faster.
– New function for branching unfolding all n polys.
v 1.1:
– Faster on heavy objects polys.
– Ability to limit the unfolding a polygon selection.
– Added a function to extend to the end of neighboring polygons.
– Added new unfolding modes.
– Option of dividing the unfolding.
– Added new rotation modes.
v 1.0:
– Compatible R14, R15, R16.
– Czech translation by Lubo Bezek.

Copy the “vonc_depliage” folder in the “plugins” directory of Cinema 4D.

Limit selection:
Limit unfolding a polygon selection

Modifies the intensity of the deformer.

End polygons:
Defines the last polygons displayed when the intensity reaches 100%.
– Polygon ID: Selects the polygon by its index.
– Polygon selection: Choose more polygons by dragging a selection property polygons.
– Random: Select a random number sets of polygons

Extends the end of polygons to their neighbors and create a multi-roll effect.

Sets the unfolding search mode.
– ABCD: chooses prioritized neighbor polygon edge AB, BC, CD, DA (fastest search mode).
– ABCD reversed: ditto but prioritized DA, CD, BC, AB.
– Indices: choose the lowest index polygon.
– Inverted Indexes: selects the highest index polygon.
– Schedule: chooses the leftmost polygon.
– Anti-times chooses the right polygon.
– Right: chooses the opposite polygon.
– Random: randomly selects the polygon (initiated via the source).
– Position: choose the furthest polygon in the position of deformatter (variant: the closest).
– Position + Law: Law combines fashion with the Position mode.
– Direction: selects the furthest polygon in the direction defined by the rotation of the deformer (variant: the closest). It automatically sets the end of the polygon.

Disconnect the polygons:
Defines if the polygons must be disconnected.


CodeVonc Depliage V1.3

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