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Rowbyte Plexus 2.0.15 Windows Installer and Patch Full 100% CLEAN

Plexus is a Next Generation 3D Particle System Plugin designed for Adobe After Effects.

  • Create stunning generative art with ease
  • Highly integrated into After Effects, native camera and light aware
  • Breakthrough modular workflow, that is infinitely configurable
  • Create Organic Structures using powerful replication tools
  • Effectors to create physical simulations
  • High quality custom rendering engine
  • Depth of field
  • 32 Bit rendering
  • Control over rendering order

Plexus comes with the Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter for Cinema 4D included for free!

For usage instructions please see video tutorials under the ‘Videos’ tab above.

Please note that Plexus 2 requires After Effects CS5 and above.

Important note regarding CC 2015 compatibility

Due to technical reasons SVG Export is disabled in CC 2015, to use SVG Export please use CC 2014. Please read this blog post from Adobe on how to keep CC 2014 installed.

Use Spotlights to create 3D Splines and control them in 3D space.
You can also control the time and range of those splines using the Range Selector Animators.

Create multiple instances of existing Plexus objects and replicate them in 3D Space with Echo delay.
You can also create nested instances (like nested comps) and have numerous instances.

You can create containers out of any shape using the new instance containers, even OBJs.
You can contain all the vertices of a group/all groups in an arbitrary 3D shape. And much more!!

Downloads :

Rowbyte Plexus 2.0.15 Direct Download Sendspace

File Size: 7.43MB

18 Replies to “Rowbyte Plexus 2.0.15 Win Installer and Patch Full CLEAN”

  1. Hi

    Hi bro after dowloading it says that it is involved with some kind of malware or virus? can you checkit out?

  2. Hi

    Works like a charm bro !!!! Google chrome will give a wrong alert dont care install :DD::D
    My New Hero !!!

  3. KIKI

    Zaid! I have a problem installing plexus, it doesn’t want to do the patch saying that file couldn’t be found even after locating it… PLS HELP!

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Hi Harry, you’re installing a pirated software it’s obvious that anti virus will alert. We call this thing “False Positive Anti Virus Alert” FK THIS SHIT. simply disable anti virus before installing and enjoy -_-

  4. Krisztián

    I installed it, it works perfectly, the only thing that isn’t good that it is not cracked for me. There is a red X in the middle of the screen (that means it’s not registered.) Can you help me cracking it? Or can you give me a serial number I can register it with?

  5. Jordi

    I get the red X on my plexus.
    Patch says it can’t find the file!
    Please Help! Im on CC15 and win10


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