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HitFilm 3 PRO Download With Activator Full Torrent Cracked

The all-in-one editing, 3D & VFX software

Technical specification
Platform & workflow

GPU accelerated rendering
64-bit architecture
16-bit in-to-out pipeline
Project customization up to 4K resolution
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
OpenEXR lossless import and export
Broad format support
OpenFX plugin compliant
Background proxying
RAM preview rendering
Over 130 plugins for Premiere Pro & After Effects CS5, CS6 & CC, Final Cut Pro X, Vegas Pro 12 & 13 & Motion and DaVinci Resolve 11
Includes mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Software
Render HitFilm projects on Sony Vegas timeline
Undo/redo with multi-step history
Easy YouTube upload
Up to 32x MSAA on supported hardware
Multiple timelines with easy tab switching
Multiple workspace layouts
Complete workspace customization
Create presets and save timelines as templates
Activate on 3 separate computers


Unlimited video and audio tracks
Easily organize media by category or folder
Trim, ripple, roll, slip, slice and slide editing tools
Ripple delete
Clip trimmer
Insert and overlay from trimmer
Add effects directly to your clips
Convert any clip into an advanced effects shot
Quick transitions: wipes, dissolves, motion, zooms
Snap to clips and playhead
Multiple framerate support
Enable and disable tracks
Audio and opacity keyframing
Change compositing blend modes per clip
Send clip to mocha HitFilm for tracking
List, composite and RMS amplitude audio waveforms
Audio meters with peaking
Customizable video frame thumbnails
Loop play a defined region
Color correction tools


Layer-based 2D & 3D compositing
Unified 3D workspace
Combine multiple 3D cameras
Adjust camera lens aperture, zoom, focal distance and depth of field
Add depth fog to 3D scenes with density and falloff controls
Adjust shutter angle and phase for motion blur
3D point, direction, ambient and spot lights
Linear and curve light falloff
Adjust ambient, diffuse, specular and shininess on a per-layer basis
Import 3D objects in OBJ, LWO and 3DS formats
Diffuse and specular textures for 3D objects
Adjust individual materials for 3D objects
Ambient occlusion for 3D object rendering
Animate individual 3D model groups
Professional chroma key for greenscreen and bluescreen
15 keying and matte tools
Matte clean-up
Advanced spill suppression
Automated light wrap
3D camera projection
2D feature tracking with optical flow technology
Track and stabilize moving video
3D camera solving with mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems
Import 3D camera tracking data from Boujou, SynthEyes, PFtrack etc
Dedicated layer view for tracking and masking
Freehand, ellipse and rectangle masks
Automated mask tracking with mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems
Create multiple composite shot timelines
Embed timelines inside other timelines
Layer parent-child linking
Transform and animate layers
Multiple blend modes
2D and 3D text
Trim and move layers
View multiple orthographic and 3D perspectives
Multiple color channel view options
Grade layers for applying effects to multiple layers simultaneously

Visual effects

Over 180 effects
Advanced 3D particle simulator
Physics-powered particle behaviour with forces and deflectors
Use 3D models as particle textures
Create multiple particle emitters and particle systems
Mobile emitters with force and deflector activation
Organic fractal particle shapes
Layer shattering
Fire and lightning generators
3D muzzle flash generator
Over 30 color correction and grading tools
17 distortion and warp effects
3D extrude any 2D layer
Film & TV damage
Procedural lens dirt
Light flare design kit including anamorphic lens flares, auto flares, gleam, glow, light flares, light rays, light streaks, neon glow
Turn panoramic images into wraparound environments
Apply bump maps to layers
Correct rolling shutter distortion
Remove unwanted noise and grain
Clone specific areas of the frame
Remove unwanted objects from your shots
Apply LUTs
Easy end credits crawls
Pulp sci-fi animated titles

Supported formats

Video: Quicktime, AVCHD, AVI, M2T, M2TS, MOV, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 (TS, PS, MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V), MTS, MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV
Audio: AAC, MP3, M4A, MPA, WAV, WMA
Image & sequences: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA
Project: HFP (HitFilm Project), HFCS (HitFilm Composite Shot)
Camera data: MA (Maya formatted)
Export: Quicktime, OpenEXR, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), Image sequence (PNG, JPG, BMP), AVI (uncompressed, PAL DV, NTSC DV), YouTube direct upload

Minimum system requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks or OS X 10.10 Yosemite
64-bit operating system
650MB free hard disk space for installation
Internet connection required for activation and web services
Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processor or AMD equivalent
OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with at least 512MB video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series, AMD Radeon HD 5000 series, Intel HD 4000). 1GB of video memory is required for 4K projects


HitFilm 3 Pro Older Version Download x64 Windows

HitFilm 3 Pro Download From official Web


DOWNLOAD : HitFilm 3 Pro – ACTIVATION –  Link 2

Password is: countryboy

Log in as Administrator, Right Click on Activation, and select run as Administrator.

Activation attempts to Search and Patch Future minor Version Releases.

IF PATCH IS NOT FOUND: Error Message Displays Patch Number, and asks “Do you want to Continue Search ?”.
Continue patching may Fully Activate the Program as some patches may be cosmetic in nature.

Activation doesn’t Activate Version 3_1_4016_38036 due to a Major Code Change by HitFilm.

Torrent Links

HitFilm 3 Pro Version 3.0.3716.39084 with Activation Torrent Home Page

HitFilm 3 Pro Version 3.0.3716.39084 with Activation Torrent Magnet Link Download

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Torrent Activation

Just Install Hitfilm3Pro_x64 and use HitFilm_3_Pro_Activation.exe to activate the product,

And I noticed that it wont activates plugin installer
so instead of that use this one

HitFilm Plugins 1.0 for AE (Team VR fixed) [ChingLiu]

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  1. King Justice Ake Dem

    Please let us have the mac Version, Because some of us are mac users.
    Please help us. You have given 3 for windows users, Let us have ours hitfilm 4 pro or 3 pro

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      how am i supposed to give you ?!? i’m just an uploader not the cracker. i’ll upload it as soon as i have it -_-


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