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What is Auto-Rig Pro?

Auto-Rig Pro is an addon for Blender to rig characters, retarget animations, and provide Fbx/Gltf export, with presets for Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot. First developed as my own in-house rigging tool, i’ve released it a few years ago and it expanded quickly thanks to great support from the community!For humanoid characters, the Smart feature can automatically place the bones to speed up the process, after adding the green markers. The result remains editable.

Non-humanoid characters can also be rigged without the Smart feature, manually (horse, dog…).

Based on a non-destructive workflow, the final rig remains easily editable anytime after its generation. Check the product documentation and the youtube channel for more informations.

Built for performances, allowing fast animation playback.

Character examples: Mike (free), Anna, Kevin, Nina and Alex

Important note about skinning: If possible, use water-tight geometry for best auto-skinning results. Knowing the bases of Blender’s skinning tools, weight painting, to fine tweak the bones influences is recommended. Read the doc for more informations.
Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.

Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.



Code structure: refactored code to clearly state licensing, “src” folder containing GPL python files, Royalty Free and CC0 for other asset blend files
Rig: New leg FK lock setting, similar to arms FK lock
Rig: When binding, removal of existing vertex groups can now be disabled as a default preference. A warning message is displayed at the first bind
Rig: New “Remove Selected Driver” function to remove the corrective driver of the selected shape key, deletes the helper bone as well
Rig: When initializing the armature scale during Match to Rig, the animations can now be scale compensated automatically. A dialog box prompts the user to enable scale compensation or not
Rig: Cosmetic, brought back some colorful icons from Blender 2.79!
Rig: The ChildOf constraints keyframes now works with multiple selected bones
Rig: Master constraints for Tail limbs now works with “Before Original” mix mode to avoid rotation/gimbal issues
Rig: Additional jawbone setup to support head stretch. Old armatures can be updated with the “Update Armature” button to retrofit
Rig: The lips corner mini bone was not deforming by default, while c_lips_smile was. Switched both, since direct skinning for c_lips_corner_mini is preferred over shape keys
Rig: Add basic support for bendy-bones for the Tail limb (Limb Options)
Rig: Add lips offset controller, to move all lips bones at once (Limb Options)
Rig: New Kilt limb to rig dresses, kilts, skirts. Constrained collisions (no dynamic simulations)
Picker: Show a warning if the picker addon is not installed (Misc tab)
Picker: The picker title is now renamed automatically when setting the character name with “Set Character Name”
Remap: New “Clean FK Rotation” when retargetting, to ensure single axis rotations on forearm and leg FK controllers
Remap: New MB Lab preset
Remap: New “Clean IK Poles” setting when retargetting. It used to be always enabled internally but could lead to issues. Now disabled by default.
Remap: Code refactoring to support non-latin bone names (japanese, chinese…). Require to click the “Update” button when prompted, when opening older files.
Remap: Support for bones with the setting “Inherit Rotation” disabled
Skin: When binding, used vertex groups are now also searched in geometry nodes attributes, to exclude them from removal
Skin: If binding fails because of scale issue, a popup message now proposes to rebind with Scale Fix enabled automatically
Skin: Added tongue and teeth as automatic facial skinned feature (was eyeballs only so far)
Skin: The toes deforming bone now exactly matches the length of the reference toes bone, for more accurate automatic skinning
Smart: Tongue and teeth objects can now be Smart detected for more accurate bone placement
Smart: Cosmetic, new markers icons, also fixing OpenGL error message on MacOS
Smart: The armature is now tagged in order to evaluate if “Match to Rig” has been performed before binding or exporting, to prevent user errors
Smart: Facial markers are now drawn as colored circles and colored lines
Export: Added triangulation for Fbx export
Export: Colorful icons from Blender 2.79 for export buttons
Export: Lengthy object names were not supported at export time, now throws an error message if names are exceeding 56 characters
Export: New “Sampling Rate” setting to bake animation subframes when the value is below 1.0
Export: Since Tangent Space normal export does not comply with N-gons, send an error message if N-gons are found and prevent Fbx export
Export: Since Soft IK is not Fbx export friendly because of the constant slight leg/arm stretch, added to “Check Rig” warnings
Export: Updated the Fbx export trunk with latest Blender official Fbx export (support new vertex color attributes for Blender 3.2 and greater)
Export: Added “Others” in the export engine interface, along Unity and Unreal Engine. Selecting it will hide settings specific to Unity and UE. Useful when exporting to Godot for example.
Export: Popup message to notify the export is complete (can be disabled in the User Preferences)
Interface: the “Mirror Shape Keys” button was moved to the Shape Keys dropdown menu, and renamed “Mirror All Shape Keys”
Interface: Aligned the checkboxes of actions list (export, rig, remap) on the left for clarity, and display the true prop checkbox for convenience, if Blender greater than 3.5
Check for update: Now shows a differential log, comparing the log of the new available version versus the current old version

Rig: Spine reference bones had incorrectly more than one bbone segment, leading to error when keyframing the whole character
Rig: Add Blink Pose was not resetting bones transform properly after adding the constraint
Rig Layers: Made “Edit Layer…” a movable panel instead of an embedded menu panel to avoid the glitch making it disappear when moving the mouse cursor
Rig: IK-FK snap invalid vector angle error
Rig: The Lite version menu was kept hidden
Rig: Removed the extra blank NLA track that was left in the armature presets data. Was interfering with NLA tracks in linked files
Rig: Since the head stretch support update, the jaw was not rotating anymore because of a missing bone when loading the mouth bones
Rig: Incorrect renaming of new Tail, Bendy-Bones and Spline IK limbs if an existing limb was set as a left or right one.
Rig: The Clean Scene operator could accidentally remove used custom shapes, not linked to any collections
Picker: Missing eyelids
Remap: Fixed incorrect location values when retargetting multiple actions by resetting the target rig pose to zero
Remap: Unbind leading to error because of missing clean_ik_pole attribute
Remap: The “IK Axis Correc” setting was not imported/exported into bmap preset files
Skin: Error while using edge selection mode with “Set Eyelids Borders”
Skin: Make sure the current armature modifier has a target armature
Skin: Unbind button was not removing armature modifiers if the related setting was disabled in the pref (when binding)
Skin: Error when binding new facial features
Skin: Blender 3.6 crash when transferring vertex groups via modifiers. Use lower level functions instead.
Skin: ‘ard’ error when binding with the new teeth functions
Skin: Error “c_lips_smile”
Smart: Error crash when facial markers were invalid
Smart: Switched to marker images, to fix error on MacOS with Metal backend due to OpenGL functions not supported
Smart: Error handling when spine detection failed because of holes in the chest
Smart: Incorrect head top detection when characters had floating feet above the floor
Smart: Error when running “Facial Only” mode, missing toes marker
Export: Broken export when the scene was duplicated as a Full Copy and linked overrides
Export: Custom renaming and UE renaming were conflicting
Export: Error when exporting meshes with topology changing modifiers (Decimate) and shape keys
Export: Incorrect thigh parent when exporting as Universal with more than 1 twist bone
Export: Error when the Rig Name was set to none
Export: Error when exporting animations as multiple Fbx files but no exported actions were found
Export: NLA Tweak mode not properly supported when exporting only the active action
Export: Inconsistencies with twist bones export and soft-link
Export: Ensure to turn off “Push Additive” if Secondary Controllers are not set to “Additive”
Export: Error when exporting shape keys with topology changing modifiers that were not enabled in viewport but in render only
Export: Rename bones from file was not properly executed when setting the humanoid armature manually
Export: Incorrect armature transforms when the armature objects had constraints or drivers on transform channels
Export: Rig name with more than 56 characters were not supported, now throws an warning message to circumvent the error
Export: Error with the Actions Manager and invalid actions
Export: Interface, aligned the checkboxes of the action select panel on the left for clarity, and display the true prop checkbox for convenience, if Blender greater than 3.5
Export: Custom properties export for (custom bones only, and edit mode only) was broken
Export: Some debug lines were erreneously commented out in the release version
Export: Broken animation export due to invalid variable syntax (recent naming refactor)
Export: The Units settings were reset to default after export
Export: the c_lips_corner_mini was not exported, while it was set to Deform by default in latest update
Export: New kilt bones did not export when enabling “Mannequin Axes”
Version: Compatibility issues with Blender 4.0
Version: Lite version critical error
Version: Smart maker display compatibility issue with Blender pre 3.4 versions 

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it



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