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The largest animation and gaming studios from around the world choose Harmony to produce the highest quality animation, setting the standard for creative storytelling. Our all in one, end to end 2D animation software allows animators to create cut-out and paperless animation in every style.

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All-in-one 2D production animation software; from drawing to final production render
Cost and time savings
Unlimited creative freedom
Flexibility, functionality and sensitivity of tools allows you to create with the highest quality
Reliable team that stands behind our software and services; we are reachable — speak with our team live or through the community.

Highest value: while we do not have the lowest price, we do ensure the highest quality and integrity of your artistic expression
Harmony is chosen by the leading animation studios worldwide who set the industry standard (Emmy-winning 2D animation software)
Our community and network makes us unique; our grassroots initiatives keeps us connected to our market of studios, freelance artists as well as students & schools
Key Features
The Features that make Harmony Option #1
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Toon Boom Harmony is the worldwide standard for 2D animation productions; Harmony’s Drawing Engine helps our software stand out from the rest. For any animated project style, from clean and precise solid vector lines to organic textured bitmap lines, Harmony offers any creator an unparalleled assortment of advanced drawing tools. Seamlessly switch between brush to pencil, textured to solid or even from bitmap to vector with our powerful vectorization technology.

Harmony Brushes feel natural as you can access the most advanced features with our Dynamic Brushes, allowing you to customize your tips from a variety of parameters such as pressure, tilt or speed.

With Pencil lines, you have the ultimate freedom to change line thickness, tapper or texture after they have been drawn. Configure your desired transparency, import or create your line textures and draw those textures in real-time for both Brush and Pencil lines.

For the best possible results, no matter your level of expertise, Harmony lets you smooth or dynamically stabilize your lines as well as guide your drawings with rulers and perspective guides.

Take advantage of Harmony’s art layers (up to 4 in each drawing) to separate your lines from your colors or create sub-layers for a multitude of functions. No other animation software will give you this many options while working natively in vector and/or in bitmap! 

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