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5 Most Wanted Unity3d Assets Crack Download + EASYHUD! CLEAN!!

Inventory Pro is a highly flexible and easy to use inventory, that can be used for all game types.

Multiple inventories
Advanced currency system
Controller support
Full mobile support
Extremely optimized

The newly rewritten and redesigned Emerald AI version 2.0 allows developers to quickly create engaging dynamic AI with 100’s of AAA quality features, all without having to write a single line of code! Emerald’s editor is designed to make creating AI easy, yet incredibly customizable. Emerald caters to all kinds of developers and offers everything users would expect from an all-in-one AI system.

Emerald’s Setup Manager allows users to create AI in just seconds. Emerald includes 17 example scenes, well documented code, and a self-documented editor allowing for a low learning curve. Emerald’s documentation, tutorials, scripting reference, and support are all accessible right from within the editor.

Easy Hud System is an easy but functional player navigation and indicator UI system. Adaptable for any type and genre of games, with a quick and easy creation of points navigation or indication.

– Unity 5 Ready!.
– Arrow OffScreen.
– Off-screen locations.
– Customizable color and size of each.
– Pulse the waypoint effect.
– Player distance to waypoint.
– GUI scaler Depending on the resolution.
– show only when it is in front of the camera option.

Realistic nebula pack contains 8 accurate, high definition skyboxes of real nebulas from M 82 galaxy, but if you don’t like real colors, you can change it inside of instance material.

There’s only one Blueprint for all the skyboxes, you simple change the material of skydome in BP_Skybox.

This pack contains the following skyboxes from M 82 galaxy:

  • RN 1219-89 Nebula
  • RN 1219-93 Nebula
  • RN 1219-99 Nebula
  • RN 1219-161 Nebula
  • RN 1219-239 Nebula
  • RN 1219-247 Nebula
  • RN 1219-288 Nebula
  • RN 1219-290 Nebula

Downloads: buy and support them pls! :)

Included are:

1.Inventory Pro

2. Emerald AI

3.Easy Hud System

4.Relaistic Nebula

5.Dialogue System

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