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Tool Launcher run scripts, menu commands and apply expressions, from a searchable list or custom toolbars. Open script interfaces from anywhere in pre-docked panels.

Do you have lots of scripts that you only use once in a while cluttering up your menus or workspace? Tool Launcher lets you launch scripts whenever you need it without having to deal with floating windows that get in the way. You free up your workspaces and window menu, but can still have the scripts docked and quickly available. The best of both worlds!

Tool Launcher comes with tl_panel, which when opened looks like an empty panel, but paired with either tl_list or tl_bar, this panel can show any script UI panel with a click of a button.

tl_list also comes with a trick of it own, as most scriptUIs can be shown in this panel as well. So now you have two panels that can be customized to show whatever you like, whenever you like.


  • Load folders with scripts and place them in a searchable list or in dedicated toolbars.
  • Show interfaces for scripts, that normally has to be in the ScriptUI folder/Window menu, in pre-docked panels.
  • Multiple panels:
    • tl_panel: Show script interfaces,
    • tl_list: Searchable list of all tools,
    • tl_bar: Customizable toolbar panels. Can be duplicated to have multiple toolbars.
  • Create shareable config files with tools already configured, with modifier keys, icons, and toolbars.
  • Set icons for toolbar buttons.
  • One central settings window to customize all options, tools, and toolbars.
  • Store the config file in any location.
  • Copy the config file between computers and all your settings, icons and toolbars, will be included.
  • Import ft-toolbar config files.

Types of commands

  • Script: A script file to run.
  • JavaScript: Write javascript directly inside Tool Launcher.
  • Expression: An expression that can be applied to all selected properties.
  • Menu Command: Any command from After Effects menus.
  • OS: Any command that can be run from your terminal
  • Effect: Add an effect to all selected layers

Launch scripts into pre-docked panels


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